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Ingrown nail

Onochryptosis, Or an ingrown nail, is enoughA common ailment that occurs in people of any age. The disease is associated with the ingrowth of the nail plate into a soft tissue. Most often this happens with the big toe.

First a person has discomfort and aching Pain in walking. As a rule, most people ignore these symptoms. If the time does not take up treatment, then there are Purulent discharge. In especially neglected cases, the finger has to be amputated.

Causes of ingrown nail

  • Too deep cut corners of a nail plate
  • fungus
  • Flatfoot
  • Excessive sweating
  • Inconvenient, poor-quality footwear
  • Trauma
  • Hormonal alteration of the body
  • heredity

ingrown nail

Treatment of ingrown nail

  1. Salt baths Will relieve pain and stop the inflammatory process. In a basin with warm water in a handful of salt. You can also add a decoction of chamomile, furacilin or manganese. After the tray, put a piece of cotton wool under the sharp edge of the pressing nail.
  2. Foot bath

  3. aloe Will help to remove the inflammation. You will need a piece of the leaf of this plant without the skin. Pribintuy it at night to the nail. In the morning you can remove the overgrown nail.
  4. Scarlet

  5. Another interesting way to combat ingrown nails - bow. Peel the onion and bake it whole in the oven. When the onion is slightly cooled, cut out the core, place a sick finger and a bandage in the hole. The next morning you'll see how the onion pulled out all the pus.
  6. Compress with crushed Garlic At night is the best solution. Garlic - Natural antiseptic, Which will help relieve pain and relieve inflammation.
  7. garlic

Try using these tips, because theyTested for years. And do not forget that it is better to prevent the problem than to fight it later. Properly cut your nails, avoid uncomfortable shoes, protect your fingers from bruises and take care of your health!

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