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First Aid Kit

Home first aid kit Is an important attribute of every home. It is she who saves us from many ailments and first comes to the rescue in any situation. Especially seriously to fill it should be treated, if the house has children.

Infant first-aid kit Must contain all the necessary means of first aid, thanks to which in most cases you will be able to respond in time to unexpected troubles. Redaction "so simple!" Listened to the advice of the doctor Komarovsky and gladly share them with you.

First aid kit for home

Tools and auxiliary materials

  1. scissors
  2. Wadding
  3. Bactericidal plaster
  4. A set of sterile bandages
  5. Harness
  6. Disposable syringes


  1. Antipyretics
  2. Oral rehydration agent
  3. Vasoconstrictor drops
  4. Antiallergic drugs
  5. Glycerine candles
  6. Anti-burn agents
  7. Antiseptic solution

This is a general list of what should be included in the first aid kit. All drugs depend on the age and tolerability of your child. Of course, all these funds must be for first aid. If yours The child fell ill, Be sure to go to the doctor, because now there are so many new diseases that self-medication is best not to deal with. More information about the children's first-aid kit you can see in this useful video.

We want your child to be healthy and you do not have to use a first aid kit! Share the list with friends, it will also be useful for them.