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Beetroot cleaning

Beetroot is a vitamin bomb! She is your first assistant in the fight against obesity and liver diseases, thanks to the betaine contained in her. Beets save from a hangover, give energy, purify the body. Eat it useful for children, pregnant women, and especially the elderly!

A healthy and aromatic dish from thisRoot crops will saturate the body with the necessary substances at any time of the year. Ruddy root can be boldly brewed, baked and stewed, because it does not lose its useful properties during heat treatment!

Beet purification

I try to add this root vegetable more often to my diet, because it normalizes the work of the intestines. For a noticeable effect it is recommended to eat 100-150 g of boiled beet per day. That's my favorite Salad with beets, Which I cook for my family.


  • 3 beets
  • 2 onions
  • Salt to taste
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • vinegar


  1. To clean beetroot and boil it in water with a pinch of salt.
    Beet salad
  2. Cut the onions and cooked beets into cubes, put them in a salad bowl.
    Beet purification
  3. Add a little olive oil and vinegar, salt to taste and stir the salad.
    Use of beets
  4. Easy spring salad ready!
    Salad with beetroot recipe

Every mistress has her own tricks of cooking beets, but not everyone can properly cook it. So, how Boil beetroot And easy?

How to cook beets

  1. Classic way
    So this vegetable was still made by our grandmothers. Fill the beet with cold water and put it on the fire for 2-3 hours. Long, but checked!
  2. As a professional
    Cooks cook beets as follows: Give it to pour for 30 minutes, and then drain all the water. Then put the root crop under a stream of cold water for 15 minutes. Such a sharp change in temperature brings the vegetable to readiness. Total: 40-45 minutes.

    Boil beetroot

  3. For 30 minutes!
    An absolutely fast method for those who are lazy orDoes not have time for the arrival of guests. It is done this way: we put the beet on a big fire, leave the pot open. Water should be a lot, so it does not boil until the vegetable is ready. After 15 minutes, remove the pan from the fire and put the beet in ice water for 15 minutes. Here is such an express method!
  4. In the microwave
    It will take a little longer, but you willI'm surprised how delicious the beet will turn out. Root we put in a bag for baking and put in a microwave for 25 minutes. The temperature should be 200 degrees. If the beet is very large or old, then you will spend a little more time.

Use of beets Is invaluable! It can be added not only to borscht and salads, but also to make from it delicious drinks and desserts.