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How to fold a suitcase

Going on a trip, you always face a problem Packing things? So I want to take with me all the most necessary things, and not fit - the suitcase is not bottomless ... how to cope with a frighteningly difficult task accurately and as simply as possible?

This article will give you an answer. No more creased blouses, lost jewelry, divorced from the heart of things, without which an ideal image is impossible. And still the place will remain!

How to compactly pack a suitcase

Clothes in a suitcase

  1. Place your jewelry between two sheets of polyethylene film to prevent them from moving in a bag with things.
  2. Packing of ornaments

  3. A good idea is to use boxes from tablets or old tubes from lipstick to store such adorable little things like earrings and rings.
  4. Decorations in a box

  5. Pass the ends of the exquisite necklace or chain through the straws, preventing their entanglement and tying.
  6. Chain packing

  7. So as not to lose small earrings, pass their ends through the holes in the buttons before folding into a common package with decorations.
  8. Earrings in buttons

  9. Packing clothes that easily crumples, flatten things in a bag of dry cleaners, then - fold, as usual. Plastic will help the clothes keep the shape.
  10. Packing clothes

  11. Fold things, instead of stacking them. You will be amazed at the amount of savings in the baggage!
  12. Rolled things

  13. Keep your favorite underwear intact duringTravel. The shape of the bra will remain untouched if you put the cups on top of each other and fold in half, inserting the rest of the folded parts of the kits into place. Such a stuffing will help cups of bras do not fall in, in addition, so you can Save space In the suitcase.
  14. Folded bras

  15. Wrap the soles of the folded shoes with a shower cap. So you definitely will not spoil the rest of the things.
  16. Shoe packing

  17. Fold socks and products, the packaging of which does not break, inside shoes, when space is critically small.
  18. Things in a suitcase

  19. Do not forget to carefully fold your underwear before sending it to your bag, it will free up a lot of space.
  20. Slippery slips

  21. Protect delicate things from damage by folding them into bags that usually serve as packing for a new pair of shoes or handbags.
  22. Packing of bras

  23. Fragile things, for example, glass bottles, wrap in socks, sending them to a suitcase.
  24. Perfume in sock

  25. It is easy to follow the hairpins and small hairpins, stuck them inside the old box from the "tick-taka."
  26. Box of tick-taka

  27. Instead of dragging a lot of different containers with makeup on a couple of days' journey, pour some money into an empty container for contact lenses.
  28. Lens container

  29. Cutting out a small square of polyethylene andHaving tightened it with a cover of a tube with liquid cosmetics or soap, you will save luggage from danger to be filled in with this liquid. Even if the lid turns off during the trip, the film will not allow the substance to leak out and stain everything.
  30. Tube with shampoo

  31. Powder will be preserved unscathed during the journey, if you put a cotton swab or sponge inside the box.
  32. powder

  33. Use a large clip to cover the blade of the razor. So you definitely will not get hurt by digging in your purse with makeup.
  34. Cosmetics in a bag

  35. Old bottles of drugs are perfect for storing cotton wool, sponge, ear buds and cosmetic applicators.
  36. Earbands

  37. Type a few favorite shadows on the cotton buds and put them in a bag for sandwiches with a clasp. It's much easier than bringing with you the entire palette in a large box.
  38. cotton buds

  39. Put a make-up brush in a case from old sunglasses, and you definitely will not lose them!
  40. makeup brushes

Now collect things - a pleasure! Creatively approaching the question, you will not only be able to put everything planned into a suitcase, but you will do it quickly and accurately. Good luck in traveling! Do not forget to share with your friends these useful tips.