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Advice for women

Being a woman is not an easy task. No offense to men will be said, but every day the beautiful half of humanity has to cope with a huge number of incredibly difficult tasks that men never dreamed of. Braid spikelets - it seems to be simple, and you try! Especially when it is necessary to hurry and do several things at the same time, in which also women are doing well.

This is why the proposed Lifhaki So entertaining, they will bring accomplishment and organization into your life. Lost hairpins, careless makeup and strange stains will remain in the past. These recommendations are very serious and effective!

  1. Attach a magnetic stripe in the bathroom and trailer pins on her hairpins and hairpins, so they will not get lost.
  2. Barrettes on a magnetic strip

  3. Socks and hair dryer - a great combination to stretch new shoes in just a couple of minutes.
  4. How to stretch shoes

  5. Throw the frozen grapes into a glass, then the white wine will cool quickly and remain undiluted.
  6. Grapes in a glass

  7. With the help of hot glue attach to the board a lot of traffic jams from the wine - get an entertaining decor element, and the cork will not lie anywhere any more.
  8. Corks from wine on a board

  9. The hooks on which the curtains in the bathroom are kept can be perfectly applied as a hanger for bags.
  10. Bag-hanger

  11. Plastic containers, which are usually packed with spoons and forks, as if created to add and hang decorations in them!
  12. Decorations in containers

  13. That's how easy and nice to put unruly jeans in the tops of boots.
  14. Jeans in a boot

  15. Coloring the keys with nail polish of different colors, you definitely will not confuse them.
  16. Lacquered keys

  17. Baking soda in small bags - a perfect air freshener.
  18. baking soda

  19. To avoid dyeing the skin on the fingers with rings, color decorations on the inside with a colorless varnish.
  20. Ring and lacquer

  21. With the help of a plastic tube you can save the chain from entanglement.
  22. Chain in a plastic tube

  23. Dry wrapping paper helps to get rid of stains left by deodorant.
  24. Wrapping paper against stains

  25. The brush from the carcass will again become velvety and straightened after immersion in hot water.
  26. Bristle brush

  27. Magnetic board - a great idea for storing makeup tools, make sure on your own experience.
  28. Magnetic board for storage of cometics

  29. For convenient storage of scarves hang them on the hanger, tied into a knot.
  30. Scarves on a hanger

  31. The shower stand can be adapted to store different things in the bathroom, a hairdryer for example.
  32. Stand for showers

  33. Pumice professionally copes with the cleaning of the coat from the rolled up fabric.
  34. Pumice Brushes Coats

  35. Hangers for panties are also convenient for unusual storage of shoes.
  36. Hangers for storing shoes

  37. To make a heating pad with your own hands, enough to put buckwheat or rice in a sock and warm it in a microwave.
  38. Hot-water bottle

  39. You'll never make a mistake with the size of a bra if you check to see if your two fingers pass freely between the harness behind and the body.
  40. Bra size

  41. Hair curlers smooth out small creases on clothes.
  42. Hair curlers

  43. Free tail looks neat and exquisite.
  44. ponytail

  45. Packing things, fold the shoes into the shower caps.
  46. Shoes with shower cap

  47. Stains from red wine are easily washed off with white wine. Strange and unexpected, but it's true.
  48. Stains from red wine

And even if you're a guy, it's nice to see at home Order, Created by such simple, but unusual methods. Your girlfriend, after reading this article, immediately wants to try these lifhaki. Tell everyone about these interesting tips!