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The use of orange peel

You knew that the skin of some fruits containsThe most nutritious and useful substances? The practical application of the skin for various purposes affects the breadth of the spectrum. Remember this when you are going to throw the peel off the oranges again!

Fruit peel

The peel of an orange is a treasure

Oranges are usually grown with minimalUse of pesticides. One medium orange contains more than 60 flavonoids and 170 different phytonutrients useful to our body, and not only these organic compounds can be applied with haste to Skin cleansing And even for House cleaning. With the help of one tablespoon of vinegar, dissolved in a glass of water, you can easily make the peel perfectly clean, and start to use it.

Medical properties of orange peel

According to Ayurveda, Orange peel Bitter, and this bitterness works very wellOn the metabolism in the human body, improves digestion, prevents heartburn. This is an effective remedy for relieving nausea and enhancing vivacity. Powder from orange peel helps dissolve mucus in the airways, fight with cough and even asthma.

essential oilsWith which oranges are rich, haveAntimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Especially essential oil "d-limonen", which maintains normal acidity in the stomach and positively affects the processes occurring in the intestine. The liver is also unloaded and purified due to this miracle cure.

Consumption of orange peels is very appropriate forPeople with excess weight, since essential oils neutralize excessive cholesterol. Flavonoid hesperidin, scientists say, hampers the development of osteoporosis and rectal cancer.

Oils in oranges have a sedative effect, because they can be safely used for soothing and relaxing baths and inhalations for insomnia and nervous exhaustion.

Orange peel - great helpers of natural beauty

If you have oily skin, Orange peel Is for you a successful preventive tool. The applications of the skin make the skin tender and smooth, more balanced and reduce fat content. Particles of orange peel - Natural scrub, Easily exfoliating all unnecessary particles of the skin and even acne.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antifungal action, the peel is good at dealing with the problem of rash, heals wounds.

To fill the house with a pleasant Citrus aroma, It is enough to boil the crusts in water, essential oils fill the room with a charming smell.

In the kitchen, crusts from oranges are also useful

  1. Orange peel increases the taste and aroma of many dishes. Use the original additive in your recipes!
  2. Excess moisture is no longer a problem. Dried orange peels absorb moisture from brown sugar - just keep them in a container with sugar.
  3. If you can not resist sweet, candyFrom an orange peel - an interesting choice. They are not only delicious, but also contain a lot of vitamin C. The natural sugar contained in the zest increases immunity.

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