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Use of banana peel

Like the peel of oranges, banana peel is alsoVery useful. Antioxidants, minerals and vitamins contained in it, are actively fighting various diseases. With the help of this article you will be able to see how simple peel from bananas is useful in everyday life!

Banana peel

Banana peel in the kitchen

Water will become cleaner when using banana peel. This natural raw material is very suitable for water purification, because it absorbs lead and copper, producing effective barrier cleaning.

Banana skin for skin

  1. To soothe irritated skin, reduce itching, it is enough to apply the application from the peel of banana to the affected area. Bruises also perfectly heal thanks to such a procedure.
  2. Banana peel - a remedy for warts! Put a piece of skin on the wart every day at night, tampering with a band-aid, and within a week the disease will disappear without a trace.
  3. Abrasions and scratches instantly heal under the influence of the soothing substances of banana peel.
  4. If you have a splinter, the skin will also help to cope with the problem, it will stimulate the release of the foreign body from the skin and disinfect the wound.
  5. With problematic skin Use of banana peel - great idea. Rubbing your skin on the skin for a night, you immediately feel a decrease in inflammation, and the face will become blooming in appearance.
  6. Bananas have a magical property to reduceDry skin and relieve itching, because they work even with a problem such as psoriasis. When burns are also very useful to apply to the damaged area of ​​banana peel.
  7. Regularly applying a banana peel on the forehead, youSmooth out wrinkles and reduce the pores on your face. It seems strange, but this bandage from the rind copes well and with a headache, saturating you through the skin with nutrients, try it on occasion!
  8. Whitening your teeth with a banana skin every day, you will immediately notice the result. This is an effective and safe for the enamel remedy.

Banana peel is irreplaceable when cleaning in the house

It is able to replace a furniture polish, wiping the mud wonderfully and giving shine to different surfaces. In order to fertilize your favorite home plants, use Banana peel as compost - Vases will grow faster and shine with health.

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