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How to Raise Children Properly

One who worries about the idea of ​​locking children inRoom as a form of punishment, clearly did not think much about it. Which can not be said about the ingenious mother Ira, who came up with an effective way to make Educational measures Useful not only for children, but for themselves.

In her blog, her mother says that forPacification of children had to send them to sit in their room. Of course, the guys do not like it. Resourceful Ira offered them an alternative - when you do not want to be isolated, and you can not do without punishment, score 500 points with useful household chores. this Psychological reception - a real find!

The boy washes the floor

Once, after another prank, the children foundNote. In her mother reported that they were punished and left without a walk. If they do not like this option - there is a chance to earn forgiveness, assiduously helping my mother in the work around the house. Here is what scale of assessment of good deeds was invented by the mother:

  1. Write a nice letter to someone from the family - 10 points
  2. Cook dinner - 50 points
  3. To cope with washing (load the car, wash the stains, where necessary, take out the laundry) - 100 points
  4. Wash the kitchen cabinet and put things in it - 50 points
  5. Take out the dishes from the dishwasher - 25 points
  6. Add the dishes to the dishwasher - 40 points
  7. Wash the kitchen table - 25 points
  8. Wash the stove - 25 points
  9. Clean kitchen chairs, stools - 25 points
  10. Wash the microwave oven - 40 points
  11. Clean the deco from the oven - 20 points
  12. Wash the floor in the living room - 30 points
  13. Decompose things neatly on the shelves - 35 points
  14. Wash the windows in the kitchen or in the living room (inside and out) - 10 points
  15. Water house plants - 10 points
  16. Wipe the dust in the living room - 25 points
  17. Wash the bathroom - 10 points
  18. Throw garbage in the kitchen and change the garbage bag - 10 points

Irina says she punished the children after they were late for school, and decided to use this event for her own benefit. The woman was more than satisfied with the result of her witty idea.

"It worked! I could not even imagine that the children would get down to business with such excitement. My eldest son immediately began to work and earned 500 points a day! The other two guys also tried very hard. Last night we had an excellent dinner prepared by my son. "

Maternal happiness was not the limit!

An incredibly effective way to teach children to do homework! did you like it? Then share with other parents this interesting advice.