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How to germinate vegetables

It is very easy, it turns out, to always have freshGreens on the table. Many plants immediately sprout in the water and give a new crop. Try to do at home this little greenhouse - vitamins will give you strength every day!

Vegetables that can be germinated

  1. Green onion Will grow again if left in a small glass with roots in the water. The room where it will grow should be well lit.
    Green onion in a glass
  2. garlic Grows well, and can grow further in a glass of water. Sprouts of garlic are very tender in taste, perfectly add them to salads and sauces.
  3. Leafy vegetable bok choy Will sprout again if placed in a container of water. After that, safely transplant it into a pot.
    Bok chicken
  4. Cut off tops Carrots Germinate well in water. They will please you with bright greens for salads.
  5. Small appendages Basil Length 3-4 cm place in a glass with water under direct sunlight. When they increase twice, you can plant the plant in the soil. Basil will again be lush and healthy.
  6. Cut the bottom Celery And put it in a saucer with warm water in the sun. The leaves will begin to grow in the middle of the base, then you can transplant it.
  7. romaine lettuce Will come to life again if you hold it in water for several days, so that the water covers half of the plant. After that, new leaves will immediately appear, and the plant can again be planted in the ground.
    romaine lettuce
  8. coriander Perfectly sprouts in the water. Try to plant it, and the fragrant sprout will immediately please you with the riot of greenery.

Small home garden From such useful and tasty plants it is necessarily useful to you. These vegetables and herbs can be grown at home without difficulty. Share this interesting idea with your friends!