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Rules for simple life

There is a state when there is absolutely no strength. Nervous exhaustion and other delights of modern life inexorably haunt a person ... if you think, everything is much easier than it seems. These useful Life rules With success will replace to you the psychotherapist. Read attentively!

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  1. Try the opposites. it is very interesting.
  2. It's only 20 minutes earlier to wake up - and you will have time to do so much! The day will be fuller.
  3. Be punctual. Come to the meeting 10 minutes earlier much better than hurry.
  4. Uniqueness makes life easier and more understandable.
  5. Never, never complicate things.
  6. Always ask yourself: will this be so important in five years?
  7. Make purchases on your own. Your financial affairs will immediately go well.
  8. Homemade food is a guarantee of health. There are always recipes that are easy to implement.
  9. When you cook, always expect that guests can enter.
  10. Write interesting thoughts and ideas.
  11. Life is much broader and many-sided than you used to think.
  12. Risk! Mistakes are an invaluable experience.
  13. Do what pleases you!
  14. Buying products immediately for a week ahead - an essential saving article.
  15. Go to the supermarket when you eat. So you will spend much less money.
  16. Little joy - the key to happiness.
  17. Drink plenty of water.
  18. When you eat, do not rush and do not get distracted from eating.
  19. Be better.
  20. Short letters are better than long ones.
  21. Check the mail once a day.
  22. The fight against stress is worth it to study new methods of relaxation.
  23. House and workplace should always be in order and clean.
  24. You have only "here and now".
  25. Spend more time with optimistic people.
  26. Sport is a daily joy.
  27. Throw out the trash!
  28. Ask questions and you will get answers.
  29. All you will not please. remember this.
  30. Complex tasks are easier to solve if they are divided into smaller ones.
  31. Stop trying to do everything perfectly - it's impossible.
  32. Stop for a minute and take a deep breath.
  33. Spend 20% of the time to think about the problem, and 80% - to solve it.
  34. Concentrate on the most important.
  35. A diary is a good idea to keep everything in mind.
  36. Drop out of classes that you no longer like.
  37. Minimalism is the best style for the workplace.
  38. Every Sunday 15 minutes, allocate for the planning of the working week.
  39. Unsubscribe from what is not interesting.
  40. Ask! It's more than guessing.
  41. Change for one thing at a time.
  42. Sometimes let yourself be lazy. Restores strength.

Let life open for you the most beautiful facets, enjoy every moment of it! Using simple Psychological techniques, You can become a very happy person. Tell us about the rules that make life easier for your beloved friends!