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Massage from the cold

Runny nose - a very unpleasant thing that can happen to everyone, regardless of the time of year. We all know the feeling of nasal congestion and we know how many inconveniences this brings.


In Chinese medicine, there is a belief that the guarantee of health is Regular blood flow To muscles and tissues. So if in the body due to any causes stagnation of blood, a person falls ill. Well, if you resume the correct flow of blood again, the illness immediately passes.

so "so simple!" Prepared for you a special acupressure, Which helps get rid of the annoying cold in just minutes. Massaging just 4 points on your face, you will be healthy again!

Chinese massage against a cold

  1. A point between the eyebrows
    Visually continue the line of eyebrows. Point 1 is at the intersection of this line with the bridge of the nose.
  2. Point of temples
    This point is on both sides of the face. It is located in barely noticeable hollows two centimeters from the outer edge of the eyebrow. Both points need to be pressed simultaneously.
  3. Point at the base of the nose
    Also symmetrical points that are located at the nose bridge near the edge of the eye cavities. Both points need to be pressed simultaneously.
  4. Point near the end of the nose
    Symmetrical points in a half-centimeter from the wings of the nose.

And in this video you can see how this massage is done.

Mass Described above points with your fingertips for a minute. Do it strong enough, but not so much to cause painful sensations, and the runny nose will disappear without taking medication!