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Tips for those who work at the computer

Computer is an integral part of modern life. Behind the screen of the monitor we spend a huge amount of time. Especially if it is required by work. The time of the average intellectual worker's work at the computer reaches 8-12 hours! This is deadly statistics.

Only it seems that such pastime is safe for the body. After all it is not heavy physical work when cars should be unloaded and injure a body or chemistry on manufacture to breathe. But alas. Sedentary work at the computer Very harmful to all body systems. The consequences will make themselves felt after a while, and you'll be horrified ...

Can it be better to avoid health problems by warning them? in this article "so simple!" Give you good advice.

The girl is resting in the office

Exercises for the eyes

What comes first when talking about harmComputer? Correctly, everyone knows that the eyes are number 1 in the risk group. When you look at the monitor, your eyes are in a static position. This means that the eye muscles become weaned to train, and vision inevitably falls. You forget to blink, concentrating on the information that you observe on the screen. The cornea of ​​the eye dries up, which contributes to the development of various infections, there are rezi in the eyes.

First, be sure to rest every 30-40 minutes of work. And do not forget to do while relaxing light, but effective exercises:

  1. "Near-far". Go to the window. Alternately focus on a close subject - for example, on your finger, and on the remote - on the house opposite. Try to place your finger so that it is almost on the same line with the removed object, so that you do not have to translate the view.
  2. "Wonderful rotation". Look straight ahead. Then make a few movements of the eyeballs "left - down - right - down - right". Then - a series of similar movements back and forth along the upper arc.
  3. "Squint". Several times really close your eyes. Yes, it's very useful.

During these magical exercises your eyesFeel better due to increased blood supply, regulation of eye pressure and warm-up of the corresponding muscles. Try and feel the result immediately.
A good idea is to blink more often when you are in front of a monitor. Remember about the lighting: it should not be too bright, but it is not worth working in the dark.

And did you know that viewing stereotyped images that are fashionable once is very useful for the eyes? Besides it is more interesting than usual exercises. Remember childhood - there is a pink panther hiding here.


Consider carefully this ornament, and eyes in the meantime will rest.


Invite employees to have fun with the health benefits.


Exercises for the back

Let's move to the back. Who did not groan for back pain after a day's work, that's a real lucky one, which is not enough. The spine is the core of our body, and how he suffers from constant sitting at the computer! Too high or too low a table, as well as an uncomfortable chair, threaten your back and neck with serious trouble.

The first and most important rule - work on computer Should be convenient. Choose a normal table suitable for your height and an armchair in which you feel comfortable. Legs should not hang out, elbows should rest on the table. Observing this simple rule, you will save yourself from muscle pains, curvature of the spine and other delights of office work.

Exercises for the body are needed not less than for the eyes. Every hour get up and stretch, no laziness! Except that it is very useful, the warm-up will increase your working capacity.

  1. "The bird spreads its wings". Stand up, legs together, arms hang freely alongHousing. Rise on tiptoe, while bending the back forward in the thoracic region and drawing her hands slightly back, and also trying to turn the palms outwards. Repeat several times. This exercise is intended primarily for those who tend to stoop. It kneads the back muscles and causes the spine to straighten.
  2. "Pendulum on the contrary". This exercise can be performed as a standingTime break, and sitting in the chair, a moment away from working with the keyboard. Hold your fingers in front of you so that your hands look outward. Lift your clasped hands over your head, stretch. Make inclines to the sides so that the torso deviates from the vertical, but the pelvic belt remains motionless.
  3. "Play with shoulders". Shrug your shoulders. Several times lift each shoulder separately, then - both together, the movement is like a normal shrug of the shoulders. Move first one, then the other shoulder backwards. Try to move with two shoulders at the same time (one forward, the other back).
  4. Now for those who want it - the most difficult: Shoulders. Try to turn each shoulder so thatThe elbow remained more or less still. happened? If so, then try to rotate the shoulders in opposite directions: the right one - forward, the left - back, and vice versa.
  5. Exercises at the computer

Exercises for the hands

In the tunnel syndrome after a longThe computer noises the wrist and reduces the brush. If this process is started, the consequences can be deplorable. There is a violation of both the sensitive and motor functions that the median nerve provides. The brush loses sensitivity, muscular strength, accuracy of movements. Strong pains forced to refuse to work with the computer sometimes for a long time.

Remember that the wrist and forearm should beOpportunities to be on the same line. The best way for this is a special mouse pad, which is equipped with a separate pad under the wrist, moving on the rollers.

Every 10 minutes, stretch your hands, removing them from the mouse and keyboard. It is very good to give the brush an alternative physical load, for example, using a carpal expander or several useful exercises.

  1. "Shaking". Stretch your arms straight in front of you, relax the brush. Gently waved the up and down arms down.
  2. "Flexing the brush". Put your hands in front of you. Lift and lower the brush up and down smoothly, trying to stretch, pull the carpal muscles. Then make the same smooth, pulling movements with the brushes to the left and to the right.
  3. "rotation". Put your hands in front of you palms up. Rotate brushes directly in front of you first inwards, then outward, trying to help rotate your fingers.
  4. Exercise for brushes

Get rid of fatigue

But what about the nervous system? Because she is so vulnerable now for all. Does it suffer when you are hovering in front of the monitor? The answer - suffers, and very much.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a well-known topic. This syndrome is deservedly called the scourge of modern civilization. Its essence is that over time a person whose work is associated with significant neuropsychological and emotional stress begins to experience a rapidly emerging fatigue, against which even a full rest becomes ineffective.

Extremely intense concentration of attention Long-term work with a computerIs an active prerequisite forOccurrence of this nasty syndrome. Its mechanism is not fully understood, one of the working hypotheses is a violation of the exchange of magnesium in the body due to a disorder in the regulation of the nervous system.

Symptoms associated with the syndrome - pain in the muscles, throat, joints, enlarged lymph nodes - often in the initial stages are defined as signs of another disease.

Yoga for laptop

Yoga for laptop

To avoid this pathological conditionThe body, you need to be screened on time in all the most important doctors - neuropathologist, endocrinologist and psychologist. Rest on the nature and eat properly. Do not forget about regular sports. All the techniques associated with relaxation, will benefit you. Visit exhibitions, go to the theater, walk with animals and children.

The whole point is that the computer is only a means. He helps us to work and have fun, but the world around us is vitally important for us, such is the nature of man.

I hope this informative article will help you become healthier and more rational in approaching the issue of working at the computer. Do not forget about these useful Councils on the correct work at the computer. Tell everyone about them, let your friends also take care of their health, it is priceless!