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Ecologically safe detergents

Every day we have to faceA huge amount of chemical detergents. It has become a familiar phenomenon, of which no one really thinks about it. And very vain, because chemical agents are harmful to our health and the environment.

We wash off visible mud, but is washed off from plates detergent? And how does its application affect your health? Experts argue that the chemical compounds that are contained in dishwashing detergents are very dangerous.

Surfactants on the basis of whichAll detergents are made, can be converted to peroxide. Getting into the human body or into a body of water along with sewage, they destroy cells and harm the living aquatic world.

Offer your attention an interesting list Natural remedies, Which will replace the whole shelf with Household chemicals At your home. They are effective, but at the same time safe. The use of these substances will positively affect your health and save an impressive amount of money.

Natural detergents

  1. Mustard powder - a natural cleanser for dishes, of which very few people know. A mound on a damp sponge powder and rub greasy plates - perfectly washed!
  2. Mustard powder

  3. For cleaning in the house is very suitable universal tool from a mixture of water in half with Vinegar. For a pleasant flavor, you can add a few drops of lavender oil.
  4. Vinegar and water in a ratio of 1: 5 - a good tool for washing windows, vinegar can be replaced with lemon juice.
  5. vinegar

  6. Polish the glass after washing it is possible With ammonia And soap.
  7. Stains of lime on the sink, bath, toiletAre removed more easily than you thought. Fields them with vinegar, mound over some soda and let them stand. Spots can be easily brushed off! No expensive means are no longer needed.
  8. To bleach a fabric it is simple - on 10 liters of water add 2 items. Spoons hydrogen peroxide And 1 tbsp. Spoon of ammonia.
  9. Food soda - an excellent tool for cleaning ovens. To remove fat leave for the night a quarter of a cup of ammonia in the oven, and the next morning, wipe the surface with baking soda.
  10. You can clean the warm plate with salt, it's very effective.
  11. soda

  12. salt Clears the pipes. You need to fill it, then pour boiling water. Remember this when you are overtaken by another critical situation with the pipes, which are always clogged.
  13. salt

  14. A cunning way to clean the carpet. Scatter the cornstarch on the surface of the carpet and thoroughly vacuum. Shine and cleanliness are guaranteed.



Now you and your loved ones are protected from the harmful effects of chemistry, and the house will still be shining with purity. Recommend this article to your friends, it will be useful for them too!