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How to get a thing from the throat

No one knows what the situation is waiting for you on the way. Read this article carefully, because this technique can save someone's life.

Different objects Get stuck in the throat People are much more likely than you can imagineImagine: food, bone, small details from the designer in the case of a child ... this can lead to strangulation. What to do in a situation when there was such an unexpected accident? A scientist named geymlich discovered a simple method of action that will protect you from danger and your loved ones.


How to act with strangulation

  1. Assess how serious the case is. How blocked Airways? It is very good if the affected person coughs. With the help of a cough, the body is protected from foreign objects, trying to push them out. If there is a cough, the airways are not completely blocked. Ask the affected person to cough until you see a jammed object, then pull it out with your forefinger and thumb.

    It must be watched very carefully so that the object does not completely cover the respiratory tract. If you deal with a child for up to a year - it's very good if he cries and coughs.

    There is also such that the foreign element completelyCloses the airways, it is easy to determine - the victim does not make any sounds, but is conscious. In this case, you must immediately resort to the reception of gameplay.

  2. Remember: Reception of gameplay It is necessary to apply only if the victim is moreYear and he can not cough, talk, scream and, therefore, breathe. If you do not help in time, the person will lose consciousness. The main thing is to do everything quickly and not to panic.

    It's not at all difficult:

    • Stand behind the victim if you are right-handed - a little to the left, if the left-hander is slightly to the right.
    • Take it firmly under the chest and slightly tilt forward, so that the object stuck in the throat moves outward, and not further inside.
    • Gently but surely hit the injured person between the shoulder blades with the upper part of the wrist.
    • Check to see if the object came out. If not, hit again, and so repeat up to five times.

    If there is no result from the blows andThe victim still can not breathe, squeeze his hand into the fist and put it between his navel and ribs. Put the other hand on top and push it several times until the jammed object comes out. Please note that this method can not be done with pregnant women, children under one year of age, and people who are overweight.

    In the case when breathing has not recovered, call an ambulance. Do not leave the victim alone and before the arrival of doctors continue to apply geymlicha reception.

  3. Child under one year old, Which choked - this is a special case. If the child does not cough and does not cry, place his mouth down along his forearm or hip so that the head has something to lean on.

    Gently hit it five times on the back of the topPart of the wrist. Then carefully study the child's mouth and remove the object, if you notice it there. Do not try to get hold of the stuck object, putting your fingers in the victim's mouth! It can slip inward and this will worsen the situation.

    If it does not help, turn the baby on his back and gently push it five times on his chest. After each attempt, check whether the jammed object has come out.

So, be calm and confident in a critical situation. In this reception there is nothing difficult - just remember about it. You can save with his help someone's life!

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