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Tips for caring for a dog

Unpleasant odor From the mouth, the wool on the carpet, the mess in the house ... no, it's not about the bachelor's life, but about Dog in the apartment. To start a pet is a great happiness, but it is worth remembering that we are responsible for our smaller brothers.

Every person should know some rules for Pet care. This will help to avoid many problems and grow a happy, healthy animal!

Tips for caring for a dog

  1. fresh breath Facilitates understanding between the owner and his pet, and helps in this fresh parsley, if you add it very little in the feed.
  2. dog food

  3. dry food It is best to store in a closed plastic container. So it does not dry out and it is convenient to pour it.
  4. dry food

  5. If your glutton grabs food too fast, put a tennis ball in the bowl. This will make access to the stern more difficult, and the dog will eat more slowly.
  6. tennis ball

  7. Do not write the name of the animal on the collar, the kidnappers will be much easier to lead the dog. It is better to write down the phone number there.
  8. The dog is lost

  9. The dog does not like to brush his teeth? Smear a little special paste for the dogs on the toy that he likes to chew, and it's in the hat.
  10. Toy for dogs

  11. An old sweater, a pillow, unnecessary rags - and a cozy rug for your pet is ready.
  12. Mat for dogs

  13. If the dog is small and easily passes through the fence, this simple adaptation will keep the pet permanently.
  14. a small dog

  15. Find a lost friend will help the trick,Peeped at the hunters: put on the place where the pet was lost, a couple of things that the owner wore, or the dog's favorite toy. Leave a note asking not to clean things. The dog smells familiar smells and will return to this place, and most likely will wait for you next to your own things.
  16. The dog was lost

  17. If the dog is unwell and refuses to eat, you can give him a drink chicken bouillon, So he will receive the necessary nutrients. Naturally, you need to add salt very little.
  18. chicken bouillon

  19. A regular carbine will help fasten the leash.
  20. Leash

  21. Baking powder Will help get rid of stains and unpleasant odor of urine on the carpet.
  22. baking powder

  23. A useful treat in the heat for the pet: slice the apple with chicken broth and freeze. Sounds, of course, strange, but he will like it.
  24. Apples

  25. Attention! These products Dangerous for dogs!! Alcohol, garlic, onions, chocolate, sugar, grapes, apricots, mushrooms - all this can poison the animal or harm its health.
  26. Dangerous for dogs

  27. With a rubber brush, you can remove wool from the carpet.
  28. Rubber brush

  29. Rubber caps Do not let the water into the eyes and ears of the dog. And you'll laugh until I fall!
  30. Rubber cap

Well, more I do not need to hold my breath when my dog ​​breathes on me, and she already fell in love with her hat. Share these useful tips with friends, they will definitely help them!