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How to make the cleaning interesting

With the advent of scientific and technological progress to manIt is necessary to work less and less independently. A little ingenuity - and a new era in the field of cleaning is not far off. With the help of these techniques, cleaning becomes surprisingly easy. You practically do not need to clean and wash yourself.

  1. silver plate Can easily be cleaned with boiling water, aluminum foil and salt. All this should be placed in a bowl or in a sink and left for 30 minutes. The appliances will be clean!
  2. silver plate

  3. Clear out Shower attachment From calcareous deposits is very simple. You need to wrap it with a plastic bag, before pouring in it a diluted vinegar or distilled vinegar, and leave for the night. In the morning it will only be necessary to wipe the nozzle with a sponge.
  4. Shower Head

  5. Traces of water On a wooden surface can easily be avoided if you first wipe the tree with a cloth, and then dry it with a hair dryer.
  6. Traces of water

  7. If cleaned ceiling fan Using an old blanket cover, you can avoid falling dust on the floor.
  8. Ceiling fan

  9. Remove Stains on the couch, Sprinkling them with ethyl alcohol (70%) and wipe with a clean sponge. Then carefully remove all the rest with a stiff brush.
  10. Stain on the couch

  11. mattress Can be disinfected withA bottle of spray with vodka. So you can get rid of ticks and other parasites. In order to remain a pleasant smell, you can add flavored oil, for example, lavender oil.
  12. Mattress cleaner

  13. rust With hot metal is perfectly removed by the bulb. In addition, it will add flavor to the next course.
  14. grill

  15. Divorces in the bathroom Easy to remove with salt and grapefruit juice.
  16. Grapefruit with salt

  17. mixer Can perfectly clean himself. Just pour water into it, add a dishwashing detergent and turn on the mixer - the result will not be long in coming.
  18. Glass with detergent

  19. Calcareous deposits On the glass can be removed with vinegar.
  20. glass

  21. Some bread - and Electric mill As new. Click on the button - done!
  22. Bread in an electric mill

  23. clean jalousie In the following way: put a sock on your hand, moisten it in a solution of water with white vinegar (50% water, 50% vinegar) and wipe each lamella.
  24. Cleaning of blinds

  25. How best to remove Traces of lipstick With clothes? You just need to sprinkle the stains with hairspray and leave for 10 minutes. Then dab with a damp cloth and wash in the washing machine - it's ready!
  26. hair spray

  27. Aluminum foil and dishwashing detergent will help to get rid of persistent stains on Form for baking.
  28. Foil in the form for baking

  29. Although it looks rather unpleasant, but the cola is a very effective tool for Toilet cleansing.
  30. Cola

  31. Greasy stains Can be easily removed if rubbed with chalk.
  32. a piece of chalk

  33. If you pour vinegar into a jam jar, make holes in the lid, and then place the can in Toilet bowl, Then at each descent of water there will be an automatic disinfection and neutralization of the smell.
  34. Pot with vinegar in the toilet bowl

  35. Brilliant result can be achieved by attaching A brush To the cordless screwdriver.
  36. A brush attached to a screwdriver

  37. Add 4 Alka-Seltzer tablets to a glass of distilled vinegar or dilute acetic essence, pour into Sink And wait 10 minutes. Then once with hot water - and the blockage is eliminated.
  38. Alka-seltzer in a glass

  39. Sponges can be disinfected in Microwave oven.
  40. Sponge in the microwave oven

  41. with help Shovel You can pour water into the bucket. Looks good.
  42. Scoop in the washbasin

  43. To get rid of traces of vomiting Carpet, Sprinkle stains with baking soda. The next day just vacuum the carpet.
  44. Baking soda on the carpet

  45. Attaching Watering hose To the mop, you can easily wash the floor on the veranda.
  46. Hose watering hose

  47. Carpet stains Can be removed with a solution of water and vinegar (ratio 2: 1). Treat the stain with this solution, then put a damp cloth on it and strip off the iron for 30 seconds. The carpet will be clean.
  48. Carpet before and after

  49. In the microwave oven A lot of dirt accumulates. If you put a container of water and lemon in it and let the water boil, the microwave will be clean and with a pleasant smell inside. After that you only need to wipe it with a cloth once.
  50. Container with water and lemon

  51. To clear Frying pan From burnt food, pour water into it and add vinegar. As soon as the water begins to boil, remove the frying pan from the stove and pour out the water. Remove everything left with the sponge.
  52. Frying pan before and after

  53. Little Toothpaste - and the headlights of the car will again shine.
  54. Car headlight cleaning

  55. Pour on Cold plate Ammonia and leave for the night. In the morning from the stains there will be no trace.
  56. Ammonia in the oven

  57. if in Wet shoes Put newspapers or pour rice, it will dry much faster.
  58. Sneakers on the newspaper

  59. Dishwasher Will shine clean, if you run it once with vinegar, and again with baking soda.
  60. Vinegar in the dishwasher

  61. if Leather furniture Polish with a shoe polish, it will look good for a long time.
  62. Leather armchair before and after

  63. Splashes of oil spray On the stove it is best to remove with oil.
  64. Stove in the kitchen

  65. shards of glass From the floor you can easily assemble with toaster bread.
  66. Splinters of glass in bread

Now that I know all this, my life will change. From today I like cleaning! At least in these 33 cases. Share with others these ideas, because everyone likes tips that make life easier.