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30 travel tips

The tricks with which the traveler is divided are invaluable. "so simple!" Prepared for you a wonderful selection of findings in the field of Travel.

Improve your knowledge with this helpful article and see how easy tasks are solved that previously seemed incredibly dreary.

Tips for travelers

  1. Use a private window or window in the modeIncognito for booking air tickets and hotel rooms. Tourist sites have the function of tracking visitors and often raise the price simply because you have already visited this resource.
  2. Tourist site

  3. Pack the charger, headphones and various cords in the case from the glasses.
  4. Cords in a case from glasses

  5. Straws for the transport of skin care products - a significant saving of space. Fill them with makeup and pack in a bag.
  6. Make-up in bags

  7. Put paper on the bottom of the suitcase that absorbs moisture. So things will breathe fresh after transportation.
  8. suitcase

  9. Use a spring made from an old pen to protect the chargers from bends and breaks.
  10. Spring for charger

  11. Avoid long queues at the airport toilets. This may contradict logic, but the very first toilet is always crowded, the next one is already more free, remember this.
  12. Turn at the airport

  13. Adjust the clip to protect the razor head.
  14. Clip for protecting the head of the razor

  15. If you forgot your adapter to the cord, then you can always charge the device from the TV in which there is a usb port.
  16. Usb port

  17. Twist your clothes to fold it more compact and not crumple.
  18. Twisted trousers

  19. Folded napkin inside delicate clothes will help to avoid bruising.
  20. Folded napkin

  21. Use a plastic container from tablets to store jewelry.
  22. Plastic container

  23. Scan important documents beforeTo set off on a journey. In case of theft or loss it is very convenient to have additional copies of the passport, ID and ticket, to which you can easily access on a smartphone or tablet.
  24. Person with a tablet

  25. To definitely book two places side by side with your companion, take the extreme places of the row - near the window and near the aisle. In which case it is easy to change, but the seats are still in the same row.
  26. Girls in one row

  27. Pack soap in a handbag from a towel - it is convenient and you save a place.
  28. Soap in a towel handbag

  29. Shower cap is a perfect shoe cover!
  30. shower cap

  31. Do not forget to put your smartphone into airplane mode. This will save the charge of the device.
  32. Airplane mode

  33. Wrap the headphones on the clip so they will not get tangled.
  34. headphones

  35. Fold the hairpin into a box of tick-taka.
  36. Pins in a box

  37. Put the belt in the collar of the shirt - so he will keep the shape.
  38. Shirt in a suitcase

  39. Choose places along the wings of the aircraft to easily survive turbulence.
  40. Aerial view

  41. Keep packages that are convenient to take on the road, and fill them with new means.
  42. Toothpaste pack

  43. So as not to buy water at the airport, take an empty bottle and fill it after passing security control.
  44. plastic bottle

  45. The cheapest tickets are sold until 3 pm on Tuesday. All major airlines arrange low fares at this time to avoid competition.
  46. Tickets

  47. The best time to go to the toilet at the airport - 15-20 minutes before the flight, then there are fewer people.
  48. stewardess

  49. To continue to use gps, you need to download the desired portion of the map into a phone from google, and the route will be with you even without an Internet connection.
  50. Gps in your mobile phone

  51. Glue on your luggage marking a fragile cargo. Even if inside there are no such things, it will force the airport staff to be more careful with your suitcase.
  52. Suitcase at the airport

  53. With the help of simple manipulations, remove the remaining tourists from their photos in the program photoshop.
  54. Photo in photoshop

  55. Find free wi-fi. When you're at the airport, add "? .jpg" at the end of any url to get around the ridiculously expensive wi-fi. In addition, you can sit right outside the airport in the lobby: wi-fi signals often penetrate walls.
  56. Dedicated url

  57. Came to his own postcard from the trip - it will be so nice to get it on your return home.
  58. postcards

  59. On the last day of your stay in another country, collect all your foreign small money and give it to the homeless. Kindness is rewarded.
  60. The boy helps the homeless

These helpful recommendations will help you in various situations, so often waiting for the traveler. Where ever you go, remember the little tricks and use them with ingenuity.

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