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5 Secrets of Facebook

Even the most advanced user facebook does not know all the secrets that this clever social network. But some tricks became public. Now use Facebook Even more convenient - with the help of small tweaks you can try the options, unknown earlier. Be the user of the most popular social network becomes easier and more interesting!

5 useful tricks for all users facebook

  1. Lovers of original pictures can make their ownProfile photo emoji emotic that you can use in the chat. Your friends will appreciate the genius of the idea! To do this, simply double-click your user name in square brackets, and then just insert it as a chat message. However, at the moment for the Russian-speaking and mobile version of facebook this option does not work.
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  3. There are situations when electoralFunction, you can share the news with all your friends except one. To realize this idea, simply click on the "advanced settings" in the "friends" tab in the panel under the message, and then select "user settings" in the opened list. There will be a window "not to publish for" - enter there the name of the right person, and the work is done!
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  5. You can easily make your news tape cleaner. For this, once you log in to your page, it's enough to notice a list of people with whom you have not talked much recently or did not communicate at all. Click the "show fewer publications from these friends" function, and unnecessary information in the tape will be much less.
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  7. Hide your online status in chat fromUsers that you do not want to contact are simpler. Facebook feature "lists" with chat, so you do not spend your time on those with whom you do not want to communicate.

    To achieve this goal, click on "more" in theThe friends list on the left side of the screen. In the opened window click on the button "create a list", indicate its name, add participants and click "create". Then click on the "Options" button in the lower right corner of the screen and select "Advanced Settings" from the drop-down list. Decide how best for you - either turn on the chat for individual friends, or offline for users you do not plan to talk to.

    If you forgot to add someone to this unflatteringList of contacts, you can do it simply by marking this friend in the chat, then open the chat window with it and in the "Options" list select the "disconnect chat from" option.

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  9. Find employees who are not friends with you on facebook - not a problem. Just enter the name of the company and click "at" - so you will find everyone.

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As you can see, the world of social networks is fraught withMuch unexplored. Discover something new every day and become an advanced user! These small but useful tips will help you update your knowledge. Share our useful information with your friends!