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20 Excel tricks

Here are some simple ways that will significantly improve the use of this necessary program. Releasing Excel 2010, Microsoft added a myriad of new features, but they are not noticeable at first. "so simple!" Offers you to try techniques that are guaranteed to help you in your work.

20 lifhaki when working with excel

  1. Now you can select all cells with one click. You just need to find the magic button in the corner of the excel sheet. And, of course, do not forget about the traditional method - the combination of the keys ctrl + a.
  2. How to select all cells with one click

  3. In order to open several files at the same time, you need to select the files you are looking for and press enter. Saving time is obvious.
  4. How to open several files at once

  5. Between open books in excel can be easily navigated using the combination of keys ctrl + tab.
  6. The Quick Access Toolbar contains threeStandard buttons, you can easily change their number to the right you. Just go to the "file" menu ⇒ "Options" ⇒ "Quick Access Toolbar" and select any buttons.
  7. How to change the shortcut bar in excel

  8. If you needed to add a diagonal line to the table for a special partition, just click excel on the main page of the usual border icon and choose "other borders".
  9. How to add a diagonal line to the table

  10. When there is a situation where you need to insertA few empty lines, do this: select the desired number of rows or columns and click "paste." After that just choose a place where you need to move cells, and everything is ready.
  11. If you need to move any information(Cell, row, column) in excel, select it and move the mouse to the border. Then move the information to where it's needed. If you want to copy the information, do the same operation, but with the ctrl-key pressed.
  12. How to move information in excel

  13. Now delete the empty cells that are so oftenWork, incredibly easy. You can get rid of all at once, just select the desired column and go to the "data" tab and press "filter". An arrow will appear above each column, pointing down. Clicking on it, you will get to the menu of getting rid of empty fields.
  14. How to delete all empty cells

  15. To look for something has become much more convenient. By pressing ctrl + f, you can find any data you need in the table. And if you also learn how to use the symbols "?" And "*", you can significantly expand the search capabilities. The question mark is one unknown symbol, and the asterisk is several. If you do not know exactly what request to enter, this method will definitely help. If you need to find a question mark or an asterisk and you do not want excel looking for an unknown symbol instead of them, then put "~" in front of them.
  16. Non-recurring information is easily distinguished fromUsing unique records. To do this, select the desired column and click on the "additional" to the left of the "filter" item. Now put a tick and choose the original range (where to copy), as well as the range in which you want to place the result.
  17. How to find any data in the table

  18. Create a sample - just spit with new onesExcel capabilities. Go to the menu item "data" ⇒ "check data" and select the condition that will determine the sample. By entering information that does not fit this condition, the user will receive a message that the information is incorrect.
  19. How to create a selection in excel

  20. Easy navigation is achieved by a simple clickCtrl + arrow. Thanks to this combination of keys you can easily navigate to the extreme points of the document. For example, ctrl + ⇓ puts the cursor on the bottom of the page.
  21. To transpose information from a column intoColumn, copy the range of cells you want to transpose. After that, right-click on the desired location and choose a special insert. As you see, doing this is no longer a problem.
  22. In excel you can even hide information! Select the desired range of cells, press "format" ⇒ "hide or display" and select the desired action. An exotic function, is not it?
  23. How to hide information in excel

  24. Text from several cells is perfectly naturalUnites into one. To do this, select the cell into which you want to put the connected text and press "=". Then select the cells, putting the "&" before each of them, from which you will take the text.
  25. The case of letters changes as you wish. If you need to make all the letters in the text uppercase or lowercase, you can use one of the specially designed functions: "capital" - all uppercase letters, "line" - lowercase. "Propnach" - the first letter of each word is uppercase. Enjoy your health!
  26. How to change the case of letters in excel

  27. To leave the zeros at the beginning of the number, just put the apostrophe "'" before the number.
  28. Now in your favorite program there is an auto-replacement of words - similar to auto-replacement in smartphones. Complex words no longer matter, besides they can be substituted with abbreviations.
  29. Follow the various information in the lower right corner of the window. And by right-clicking there, you can remove unnecessary and add the necessary lines.
  30. To rename a sheet, just click on it twice with the left mouse button and enter a new name. as easy as pie!

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