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Tips for young parents

The upbringing of children is the bottom of the most beautiful life adventures that await us all. for Young parents Get the skills of caring for tiny creatures - usually a lot of stress.

These tips will help overcome many Difficult moments And find new mums and dads self-confidence. Enjoy the tips that will make life with your baby easier!

Tips for parents

  1. Such a hat will protect your baby's eyes from water.
  2. Baby shower cap

  3. To lull a child with a cough - just. You just need to rub it with a fleecy cloth on the feet of the child. It will calm the receptors and lull the baby. Interestingly, but for adults this method works?
  4. Sleeping baby

  5. An excellent solution for twins - now there will be no confusion, who is who.
  6. Twins

  7. From a young age a child can perfectly help with the au pair. The law on child labor.
  8. The child creeps

  9. From an old plastic bottle you will get a beautiful watering can. With her help small hands without any problems reach the water jet.
  10. washbasin

  11. It's a good idea to use parts from packages to smooth out the sharp corners of the furniture. This will not only save a little man from traumatic attacks.
  12. Railing

  13. A soft roller on the door will save the child from trouble with slamming his hands and fingers.
  14. Door

  15. The roller on the edge of the bed made of durable material will save you from the night falls.
  16. Cushion

  17. Stable table and dense fabric - everything you need for a cozy children's hammock! The kid will be delighted.
  18. hammock

  19. Instruction how to properly teach a child to hold a pencil.
  20. arm

  21. Packing from dvd - disk can become a pencil case for color pencils and other office.
  22. Colour pencils

  23. Transform the cot into the student's table! For this it is enough just to remove one railing.
  24. Crib

  25. The laundry basket is very suitable so that the toys do not float away during bathing. Order on the water.
  26. Bathing a child

  27. A temporary tattoo with a name, address and phone will help not to lose the child on the journey or among the crowd.
  28. Temporary tattoo

  29. A vertical shelf for shoes is useful for carrying children's things on a journey.
  30. Kids' things

  31. Women's night pads can well replace the suddenly ended diapers.
  32. feminine pads

  33. Apply a water-salt compress to the place with a splinter, in a couple of minutes it will be very easy to remove.
  34. Removal of a splinter

  35. Baking soda is good for different purposes! It will clean even very difficult spots. Apply a water-salt solution on the soiled soft furniture or carpet, and you will see the result.
  36. Getting rid of stains

  37. Folded fan around the ice cream paper will catch droplets, clothes and hands will be clean.
  38. ice cream

  39. The elastic keeps the apple cut from pieces of dark spots, it is convenient to carry such an apple with you in school breakfast.
  40. Apples

  41. Have a strawberry on a plastic skewer baby is much easier.
  42. Strawberry

  43. A little sparkles on a money bill - this is the trace of the "fairy's pollen". Magic is never superfluous in the case of children.
  44. banknote

Now yours Parenthood Will become easier and more interesting. With these tips the child's safety is ensured, and an interesting pastime is guaranteed. Share useful tips with other parents!