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How to grow a rose from a cut flower

Bouquets of roses Like everyone, but so sad when they fade. I want to prolong the life of flowers longer. But whatever you do, there still comes an hour when you need to throw out a bouquet ...

However, observant people can notice that sometimes roses in a bouquet give new shoots. You can take advantage of this amazing property of flowers and decorate your house with amazing Roses in a pot. They will please you and your loved ones for a long time, and also - to make such a successful piece of interior is not at all difficult. Even if you've never dealt with Domestic plants, You will succeed!

Roses in a vase

How to grow a young plant from a fading bouquet

  1. When the bouquet is almost completely fade, cut the cuttings. On each must be at least three kidneys. On the cuttings take the middle part of the stem of the rose, the size of 10 - 15 cm.
  2. Cut rose

  3. Make a sharp knife oblique cut below the internodes, retreating 5 cm if the cuttings are leaves, the bottom is completely removed, the top half.
  4. Now small plants need help. Take a drug to improve the rooting of plants (eg, rootstocks or heteroauxin), follow the instructions. Place the cuttings in this miraculous solution for 12-14 hours.
  5. Now you can plant cuttings in the ground! Prepare a very small pot of loose earth. The stalk must be planted under a slope, the ground around it - slightly tamper.
  6. Rose in a glass

  7. Well margins of stalks and wrap it up in a cellophane bag. Inside the package a favorable microclimate will be created, this will promote the rooting of the plant.
  8. Rose in the package

  9. Sprinkle your planting three times a day, keeping the ground all the time a bit damp.

that's all! Now you just need to wait until the root is rooted and blossomed.

You do not even know how much joy you will get Self-cultivated flower!! Pleasure indescribable. Such beauty can be given to someone, and to decorate any room is a suitable option.

pink roses

So that Make the house more beautiful And cozier, you need very little effort.

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