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How to understand a woman

It's no secret that for the understanding of the fair sex, men have to put a lot of effort ... some eventually despair and think that Comprehend the logic of women Is impossible. No, this is real.

The main thing is to remember that womenGuided by emotions in their judgments and statements. And men use sober, rational thinking to determine their own behavior. It's easy to come to an agreement, when you understand what exactly your beloved meant!

How to understand women's logic

  1. "very well!"
    This phrase often sounds at the endUnpleasant conversation. And then it's nothing more than the fact that you're wrong. But it is right to the point that it will not be explained once again. So it's better for you not to say anything. Otherwise the conversation will enter the stage of "continuation follows". Believe, you do not need this.
  2. "I quickly! five minutes!"
    You can interpret this statement in two ways. First, if by this cry female Asks her to wait until she meets - beI'm sure there will be plenty of time to wait. But if she warns that in five minutes you must set aside the beer and go to her help - exactly five minutes later, the dear one will be here like this.
  3. "nothing happened"
    This is clearly an alarming beacon, the red light bulb has already caught fire. Something is happening that does not suit the woman. Be sensitive and try to guess what it is.
  4. "Well, well, go on"
    Remember that silence is gold, and calm down. In this case this simple sentence hides the challenge, which can be recognized by intonation.
  5. Head of a man

  6. Loud sigh
    It is usually a sign of frustration and, as it were, completeImpotence before your stupidity. The woman does not hide her thoughts about what she is wasting her time with you here. Step aside and do something useful.
  7. "all is well"
    Do not think that you got off lightly. Such a statement means that it will take revenge on you. However, revenge is a dish that is served cold, because now the woman is leaving to think things through.
  8. Litter woman and man

  9. "Thank you"
    If this word is said with a pleasantThanksgiving intonation - everything is in order. But when you feel sarcasm in this simple and understandable remark, never say a response phrase. Better correct what he has done.
  10. "never mind"
    With this phrase, a woman sends you far away. Alas…
  11. Woman is pouring a man

  12. "Do not worry, I myself ..."
    Worry, more and how. Better quickly do what you were asked for, and there will be no conflict.

Remember that to love is to understand and understand. If you will strive to understand your beloved, your relations Will be beautiful.

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