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Tips for snacks

Sometimes a party lacks some zest, something that would be remembered by all guests as an unusual moment. these Simple snacks Guaranteed to help the hostess to diversify the menu!

To make such interesting snacks, you needJust know these techniques. Armed and cheer up the guests! These recipes can be used every day, they require little time for cooking and a minimum of products.

Tips for snacks

  1. Who likes to drink in the morning Smoothies And does not have time to prepare it, can simply pre-cut all the ingredients, package them in separate bags and freeze.
  2. Frozen fruit

  3. From puff pastry, you can easily cook these little desserts. Just fill them with, for example, nutella or whipped cream.
  4. Nutella

  5. And so from baked potatoes it will turn out to be a whole dinner!
  6. baked potato

  7. Frozen grapes - delicious snack. You need to freeze so that the grapes look more like fruit ice. With the help of such grapes you can cool your wine cool in a glass.
  8. Frozen grapes

  9. More cream in the cake - it's easy! Cut the cake base into two halves, put a free half over the cream to make a sweet sandwich.
  10. Cupcakes

  11. How easy is it to make a basis for tacos? Take the bought Tortilla, Flip the shape for the muffins, fold the pieces of tortilla between the holes for the muffins and put in the oven.
  12. Tacos

  13. With the help of inflatable balls you can make such wonderful sweet bowls.
  14. Chocolate cup

  15. Such bowls can be filled with ice cream. Ideal for children's birthdays, and for adults.
    ice cream

  16. Such mini-donates can be made from oat flakes-rings. Just dip them into the melted chocolate, and it's ready!
  17. Mini-donates

  18. So that Easy to clean eggs From the shell, add a little soda to the water. You'll see how easy it is!
  19. Eggs

  20. If there was not a frying pan at hand, then you can fry the eggs right on the ceramic plate cover. Only then do not forget to clean everything.
  21. omelette

  22. The stove has not been hooked yet, and the loader men are hungry? no problem. Cook a quick-wired sausage in the coffee machine. A strange way, but very useful in some situations.
  23. Sausages in the coffee machine

  24. If the cooker is bad, then pizza as a last resort can be warmed up with a hair dryer.
  25. pizza

  26. Also pizza can also be heated with an electric iron.
  27. Electric iron

  28. Turning the iron, you can also use it for heating.
  29. iron

  30. through Threads for teeth You can easily cut a large cake for a cake in half.
  31. Cake cake

  32. A small snack for snacks: pour yogurt into a bag, cut one corner of the sachet and in small doses distribute the yogurt on the tray. Then put the tray in the freezer for an hour. Ready!
  33. snack

  34. With straws, you can easily clean strawberries from stems.
  35. Strawberry

  36. Sounds unusual, but many people like it - celery with peanut butter as Party snack.
  37. Party snack

  38. And the straw does not jump out of the can, if it is so fixed.
  39. can

Well, that's probably all. Some things seem a little strange, like advice with a coffee maker, but in the end they will help you a lot. Remember that fantasy is an indispensable thing in the kitchen.

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