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How to get tired less

You know the feeling of exhausting fatigue, likeAs if some vampire came quietly and drank from you all the vitality? You wake up already tired? Even on days off the feeling of complete exhaustion does not leave you? Alas, now Chronic fatigue syndrome Is familiar to many people. But you can not live like this!

"so simple!" Collected for you all the worst habits that make you feel tired. Read carefully and find out that it takes energy from you. Make your life better!

How to get rid of a constant feeling of fatigue

  1. You drink enough water.
    When your body receives less fluid thanIt is required for normal work, the blood becomes thicker. Because of this, the heart is forced to spend more effort on pumping blood and works less intensively. As a result, the circulation of oxygen in the body slows down, and fatigue turns into your eternal companion. Drink water!
    Girl and boy drink water
  2. You eat a little iron-containing foods.
    The deficiency of iron makes a person weak,Unable to concentrate, painful. In order to increase vitality and avoid anemia, include in your diet tofu, beans, green leafy vegetables, nuts and peanut butter, beets, pomegranates, liver.
  3. You are an inveterate perfectionist.
    Resign yourself to the fact that we are all imperfect. You can not jump above your head, and if you spend more time at work than you need, this does not affect its quality. If you are inclined to recycle and strain for the smallest trifles at work - set a tough schedule for yourself where rest and work will be harmoniously combined. The result will please you pleasantly.
  4. You exaggerate the importance of certain events.
    Stop focusing on your negativeExperiences! If you always expect the worst, your body experiences terrible stress. Relax, distract, in every way relax. A lot of forces go into your habit of fidgeting, which you could channel into a good channel.
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  5. You do not have breakfast.
    Breakfast is the most important meal, it chargesYou with energy for the whole day. If you miss breakfast, your metabolism will slow down, and this will significantly affect your health. Eat breakfast complex carbohydrates - for example, a variety of cereals, and you will be healthier, and more fun!
    Coffee and croissants
  6. You're not used to refusing.
    Get used to saying "no." People often and so sit down on your head, and here you are with your desire to please everyone. Firstly, you can not please everyone, what would you not do. Secondly - think about yourself. Put your affairs, cares and interests first and foremost. Can be refused politely. So you will not change your style, but you will save strength for personal affairs.
  7. You work in a mess.
    Scattered everywhere things distract and do not giveto focus on. Take the rule to clean the workplace at the end of the day - in the morning you will be waiting for full order, the day will start in a good mood, nothing will distract you from work.
    Busy man
  8. You're all at work even on vacation.
    Weekends and holidays are held without a hint of workersBusiness. If you rest fully, then you will work better. Do not read working messages, do not think how they are all there without you ... just rest. Otherwise the forces will not be restored, and the sense of rest, when you are all in thoughts about work, will not be.
    The girl is sleeping at work
  9. You are a fan of skipping a glass of wine before going to bed.
    Drink alcohol 3-4 hours before bedtime. Because a small dose of it really relaxes, but the second glass of wine will lead to an inevitable jump in adrenaline. And this disturbs a calm sleep. To get some rest, sleep well.
  10. You drink too much coffee.
    As you know, everything is fine in moderation. So drink no more than three cups of coffee a day. This drink causes dehydration of the body and disturbs sleep. The tonic effect of caffeine is gone, and you are left alone-with your body, which is shocked by the caffeine attack and wants to drink, perhaps - to sleep. Take care of yourself and do not be too busy with coffee.
    Coffee near the computer

Let these valuable tips help you to always keep cheerful! Do not forget that one who rests well and eats - that works well.

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