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Furniture from old things

Do not necessarily send all the oldFavorite subjects. You can approach creatively to this issue and create with your own hands something unusual and useful in the house. Look at these interesting ideas in pictures and get inspired for the reconstruction Old things In new and creative!

These items of daily use are so changed that they will perform quite different functions.

Ideas for altering old things

  1. From the old staircase you can make a delightful shelf for books.
    Bookcase from the stairs

    Bookcase from the stairs

  2. Or a very stylish shelf for various small things and souvenirs.


  3. With the help of old suitcases you can make wonderful stools or mini-chairs.

    Stools from suitcases


    Chair legs

    An armchair from a suitcase

  4. From an old guitar you can make a small showcase for souvenirs.

    Showcase from a guitar

  5. The old piano can become a charming bookshelf.
    Piano shelf
  6. The suitcase can also be turned into a home medicine chest.
    First-aid kit from a suitcase
  7. Even from old books you can make wonderful little shelves.
  8. Everyone likes to put things on chairs, then why not make them a clothes hanger?
    Hanger of chairs
  9. Rackets for badminton can easily become a frame for mirrors.
    Racket mirror
  10. Dryer for glasses from old rakes.
    Rake dryer
  11. Old books can be an excellent building material.
    Countertop of books
  12. Stand for a sink from a bicycle.
    Bike in the interior

I would also like to hang such a grand piano on the wall as a shelf. Most of these things are very easy to do by yourself.

Share these creative ideas, which, like a fresh breeze, will bring changes in your housing, with your friends!