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10 Secrets of Happy Couples

It's amazing how these people could have lived together for 30 years? In what here a secret? Meeting Happy couples, Who went through many trials and stayed together, always wonder how they did it.

Elderly couple

It's no secret that relations Consist of small things. A small matter done just today, can strengthen your communication and extend it for years to come. Remember that your second half every day needs to feel like you appreciate your relationship. Man or woman - it does not matter, we are all people, and some things are equally pleasing to both.

Here is a list that will give you inspiration to please your loved one with something wonderful every day of your life.

Tips for a happy relationship

  1. Attention
    Do not forget to listen carefully to what is saidYou are a partner. Listen and understand another person is sometimes more important than all other aspects of the relationship. Feeling when you understand and support, is incomparable with anything.
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  3. Touching
    Casual touch contact brings together not less than sex. Hug, the surface of a loved one and touch as if by accident - such caresses greatly strengthen communication.
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  5. politeness
    Be polite to your partner -it is natural. What a pity that we often forget about it. In time said "thank you" and "please", small favors made disinterestedly - the guarantee of life without quarrels.
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  7. thanks
    It is very important to thank for all the good thatMakes for you a loved one. Let no good deed, not one nice detail will not go unnoticed by you. Be grateful that this person chooses you every day.
  8. Communion
    To talk on different topics or just find out how things are going A close person, Do not need a special reason. But the communication of some couples is reduced only to the compulsory necessity, when it is necessary to reduce children together to a doctor or to do shopping. Communicate simply because you are interested in this person, let him feel it.
  9. Flirtation
    Do not stop caring for a partner, however muchNor continued your relationship. An occasional smile, a wink or a compliment will remind you of the first days of your acquaintance, will remind you what features attract you to each other.
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  11. teamwork
    Do anything together, but do it. Cooking, hobbies, sports - these activities will unite you and give you the feeling that you are walking along the common path.
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  13. humor
    Humorous behavior, humor, easy attitude to problems - is invaluable. Laugh together, shrug your shoulders, ironize. If you are accustomed to laugh together, no troubles you are not afraid.
  14. Excuses
    Big grievances - a tangle of small griefs. Apologize for the little things, unintentional grievances absolutely to no one close people. Say "I'm sorry" is very simple, and the benefit of this little word is enormous.
  15. Dreams
    Common aspirations and dreams - the way to the future. Support Loved one In his endeavors, strengthen his hopes. You are together, but do not deprive the partner of freedom to choose, so it will become even closer to you.
  16. Couple against the sky

Let these rules make yours relations Stronger and more qualitative. Remember that living together is hard daily work, but you can make it very enjoyable.

Tell your relatives about this instructive article, let the broken hearts be less!