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13 Entertainment Sites

Not a time to lose heart! Behold Fascinating selection of sites For those who want to relax. As a way of relaxation, these pages have completely justified themselves, they distract attention from pressing problems and give the feeling of simple children's entertainment.

"so simple!" Advises you to keep these sites onFirefighter, they really drive boredom away, soothe and serve as a source of positive emotions. Someone can call them "killers of time", but it all depends on who uses these amazing entertainment. Use your health and intelligence with these lovely sources of virtual pleasures.

Entertainment sites for leisure

  1. Do you like to burst bubbles?
    In my childhood this was my favorite entertainment. Find the packaging from something - and frantically burst the bubbles that emit a characteristic sound and are so pleasant to the touch. While the computer can not give you tactile sensations, but the sound and picture are excellent.
  2. ➜ mariemarie0000.free.fr/fichiers/images/pop.swf

    bubble wrap

  3. Draw your own cartoon.
    Create your own cartoon creation - easierSimple with this site. Feel yourself a real creator! You can easily share your own cartoon with friends and see what other users are doing. Creative success!
  4. ➜ multator.ru

    Painted man

  5. Make a wish, looking at the falling star.
    Dreams Come True! In this are sure the creators of the site, calling each week to go and make their most secret wish. Drawn clouds, stars and imagination - that's all you need to make a wish. It's amazing, but clicking on a fat star, you will track not only how it falls, but also for changing your own state - this site still gives hope that everything you dream about will come true.
  6. ➜ wishpush.com


  7. Pranks with water.
    Very soothing site. Water takes over all the negative, and even virtually executed water with success performs this function. You can change the angle of the camera, lighting, and somehow leave circles on the water with your mouse, relaxing. If you include the appropriate music, it will be even steeper.
  8. ➜ madebyevan.com/webgl-water

    Site for rest

  9. Turn your name into a person.
    A good reason to smile. Write your name and look at the funny picture-face, painted in pixels. You can write different names of important people to you and have fun.
  10. ➜ turnyournameintoaface.com

    Site for entertainment

  11. Throw the ball out like a bothersome problem.
    Simple, but very nice animation, you canMove the cursor on the screen and scatter colored balls of different sizes on the screen. I liked the colors of the toy, as well as the ability to pellet the moving balls with the entire screen space.
  12. ➜ mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/ball-pool

    Site for entertainment

  13. Visit a rainy foreign cafe.
    Sound of rain, woven into the noise of a noisy cafe -Amazing sounds. The sound of rain has a very beneficial effect on the nervous system, it can be included separately from the background of the cafe. I think this is an interesting idea. Sorry that the sound of the cafe is foreign. It would be interesting to listen to our domestic analogue, however, it would not be so soothing ...
  14. ➜ rainycafe.com

    Site for entertainment

  15. Neon vortex with their own hands.
    On this page you can create fantastic patterned pictures. Eight colors and different settings will help you make a masterpiece in a couple of minutes. Bewitching!
  16. ➜ 29a.ch/sandbox/2011/neonflames

    Site for entertainment

  17. Dive into the matrix.
    Remember that green characteristic text, so oftenAppearing in the movie "matrix"? Oh, feel like a hacker - no problem with this program. It will turn any text you write into code. Programming beckons everyone, even those who have no idea what it is. This is the secret of the popularity of this page.
  18. ➜ hackertyper.com

    Site for entertainment

  19. Do not do anything for 2 minutes.
    Just look at the screen and do not press anything - that's the idea of ​​this site. Just relax and listen to the waves, the creators write. Sometimes I want to stop ...
  20. ➜ donothingfor2minutes.com

    Site for entertainment

  21. Draw unusual sand patterns.
    Well-designed site, On which you can create with sandMagnificent and no match for anything. Another entertaining risovalka, but the fact that you need to work with sand - impressive and addictive. Because the drawing of sand should be "poured"!
  22. ➜ thisissand.com

    Site for entertainment

  23. With impunity slam the door.
    Nothing special - you can just open and close the painted door. But when you're angry, it can help a lot.
  24. ➜ biglongnow.com

    Site for entertainment

  25. Press the saving button.
    Site is made very simple, but what a deepHe carries a philosophical meaning in himself. "To do everything well" can be considered a conventional button, pushing which, you change your perception of reality and see the events in the best light. Optimism in the masses!
  26. ➜ button.dekel.ru

    Site for entertainment

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