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14 rules of charismatic people

Many people desperately declare: "I'm not a chervonetz to like everyone!"Of course, you will not please everyone. But being a charismatic person is great. People with charisma Easily reach the set goals, because the people around are struggling to help them.

Hugh Laurie

Unconditional trust of people and their unconditional faith in the unlimited possibilities of such a person are surprising. How to achieve this effect? How to become charismatic? Previously it was believed that charisma - innate quality, and if you are not given so much to influence people, then alas, you are in flight.

Napoleon Hill, author of the book "think and get rich" Debunked this myth. He assures us that it's very easy to become a nice, nice person in communication. Collected by him signs of "personality for a million dollars" will help anyone to approach the ideal of a charismatic person. Yes, this statement is very intriguing. What do you need to find charisma? Here are his recommendations, which are fairly easy to apply in practice.

How to become a charismatic person

  1. Thoughts are positive
    Positive thinking attracts people, while cynicism - repels. The reputation of a positive person will suit you.
  2. Speak confidently
    The intonation of the voice of successful people is always friendly, they speak consciously and clearly. Communicative communication is so important in human relations.
  3. Give your attention
    Listen carefully to the interlocutor, and you will conquer him. Operates without fail.
  4. Be cool
    Keep your self-control in any situation. Excessive emotionality, whether positive or negative emotion, repels people.
  5. Patience and again patience
    Patient people are achieving much better results.
  6. No prejudice
    Do not build yourself a cage of limitations and stereotypes- it interferes with personal growth, restricts progress on the career ladder and does not promote close contact with others. Be open to something new.
  7. Smile
    Smile does not cost anything, but does a lot forEstablishing contacts and mutual understanding. President Roosevelt was famous for his smile, which possessed such force that forced his interlocutors to refuse personal protection.
  8. Be correct
    Not all thoughts need to be spoken aloud. Sometimes it is worth not mentioning that it can somehow hurt the interlocutor and make him uncomfortable.
  9. Do not delay
    Pledge of efficiency - every day to do a little action on the way to your goal.
  10. Do good
    One good thing a day is not so difficult. But, believe me, the results of these cases will return to you a hundredfold. People know how to be thankful.
  11. Defeat is a life lesson
    And not otherwise. Do not think about why you did not work, but take out a useful lesson from any trouble.
  12. Let me feel the importance of his interlocutor
    Let this person think that he is important to you. It automatically means that you will become important to him.
  13. Praise and encourage wholeheartedly
    Praise is more precious than gold, but it must be true and correspond to the merit of a person. No hypocrisy.
  14. Continue to develop
    Pleasant, exceptional people are also people. All have their shortcomings. Always have a person next to whom you trust and who can honestly tell you about your shortcomings and misses. So you'll only get better!

A charismatic leader with equal success can be both a saint and a criminal. Jesus Christ and Hitler - a vivid example of people with charisma, but how different their life paths. These rules will help you influence people And become successful, "so simple!" From the bottom of the heart wishes you prosperity and asks you to use this knowledge for good purposes.

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