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How to properly temper

Most people believe that Body hardening - it's just pouring cold water. And they are mistaken. Hardening includes a huge number of procedures: air and sun baths, foot baths, wiping, bathing and contrasting douches. Even walking barefoot refers to hardening!

Regular hardening has only one plus, amongWhose maintenance of immunity, the acceleration of metabolism, the strengthening of the nervous system ... all the benefits can be recounted for a long time, but it is better to reduce them to the concept of "General tone of the body". However, there is one thing: if you begin to temper hard, complications may appear. "so simple!" Will teach you to do everything right. For a start, the main thing is to overcome Fear of cold.

Believe, then it will become hot!

How to properly temper

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  1. Are you now nothing? No colds, skin diseases and other ailments? If healthy, then boldly master the elements of hardening.
  2. Do not immediately pour cold water out of the bucket! Hardening begins with softer and more gentle procedures, among which air and sun baths (at an air temperature of 12 degrees), wiping, dousing with water and then showering and bathing.
  3. Gradually start to wash with cold water. For starters, water should be at room temperature, but every day it needs to be lowered. Soon you will become accustomed to washing with cold water, and this will help to move on to the next stage.
  4. Proceeding to further procedures, remember The golden rule of hardening Regularity. Do not miss and do not fool!
  5. Ready to pour? And do not hurry with it. Start with a contrast shower. To start alternate the usual temperature with a cold. The first session should last 10 seconds, gradually increase it to 1 minute.
  6. You can take Toughening of feet. It is not necessary to walk barefoot at once in the snow. Just put on the bottom of the tub of cool water and get into it, stepping from foot to foot. Every 2-3 days, lower the water temperature by 1 ° c. Gradually you will reach the temperature of cold water from the tap.
  7. Are you looking for a more gentle way of hardening? is there some more Wiping with cold water. First moistened with water sponge or towel you need to wipe the upper body, then rub it with a dry towel, and then do the same with the lower body.
  8. By performing procedures, listen to your body. If you feel a chill, stop. Apparently, the body is not yet ready.

Also remember that hardening procedures are just a small component Healthy lifestyle. Do not forget about proper nutrition and exercise.

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