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Tips for order in the house

Well, which of us did not encounter this? In a hurry, we throw things anywhere, at home a constant mess ... this worsens the mood. But it's easy to fix this unpleasant moment. Get acquainted with these useful tips, remember them and try to translate them into practice. Home will always have a wonderful atmosphere, Order and cleanliness!!

How to keep order in the house

  1. Hang a shoe cover on the door. It is convenient to place all the necessary Cleaning products.
  2. Cleaning products

  3. To easily find the end of the adhesive tape, simply fix the metal clip on the tip.
  4. duct tape

  5. The tension belt will hold the balls together, you will not have to look for them everywhere.
  6. Balls

  7. Empty tray from eggs - a convenient store for small things. Nothing will be lost in the box any more.
  8. Egg tray

  9. A shelf above the door in the bathroom is a very practical invention. There you can put everything you use very rarely. A great solution for small bathrooms.
  10. Shelf above the door

  11. The magnetic jars for seasoning can be attached to the refrigerator door. How much space it will free up!
  12. Containers for seasonings

  13. If you put T-shirts in thick vertical piles, they will fit much more into the box. In addition, you will immediately see where the thing is.
  14. T-shirts in a drawer

  15. Old metal packaging from tea is simply converted into cups for pencils. Yes a lot of things you can put in there!
  16. Glasses for pencils

  17. Here such plastic baskets will rescue from armageddon in a freezer:
  18. Plastic baskets

  19. A good idea is to sign different cords and chargers. Saves nerves, you can find everything many times faster.
  20. Cords in the socket

  21. Paper clips are saviors in different situations. When sitting at the computer, it is very convenient to use clamps to keep the cords in order. But something always disconnects or falls.
  22. Paper clips

  23. The more shelves - the better. To store their favorite subjects with them is much more pleasant, the real triumph of order.
  24. Shelves

  25. Hang boxes with things under the ceiling - exoticFor Russian household. But this is a clever decision, it is more rational than what is happening in our homes. Listen to the neat Germans and get things out from under the sofas!
  26. Suspension boxes

  27. Wall for tools in the garage. Resourceful and looks cool.
  28. Sports shells on the wall

  29. Drying for laundry can be a ladder attached to the ceiling. The idea is unusual, but it is also obvious that things will not interfere with anyone.
  30. Staircase under the ceiling

  31. On a magnetic board without problems you can place all makeup.
  32. magnetic board

  33. Baskets hanging on the railing, it is good to use in different rooms to accommodate various small items.
  34. Wicker baskets

  35. A shelf in the bathroom made by own hands. Only glass jars and round bases-holders for them are needed. Miraculously obtained.
  36. A shelf in the bathroom

  37. The hair dryer and hair tongs are comfortably stored in tubular fasteners. Opened the door - and here everything is hung up in order.
  38. Hairdryer and hair iron

  39. You can also use a different type of stand for this purpose.
  40. Stand for the hair dryer

  41. effective method, How to fold a clean bed linen on the shelf. Putting a blanket in a pillow case of the same bed set you save yourself from unnecessary searches for the details of the kit.
  42. linens

  43. Basket of wire - a faithful assistant mistress.
  44. Wire basket

  45. Knives will always be at hand.
  46. Knives on a magnetic tape

  47. Here's how to place the detergents under the sink:
  48. detergents

  49. A rotating plate in the refrigerator, like a plate in a microwave oven - a brilliant idea. The refrigerator will become cleaner, and nothing will be lost in its depths.
  50. Revolving dish

  51. How to determine what things you urgently need to extractFrom your wardrobe? Just hang the clothes that you wore recently, turning the nose of the hanger in the same direction. The remaining pieces of clothing are not popular with you, which means that it's time to free up space in the closet.
  52. Clothes in a closet

  53. An ideal bucket for debris in the car.
  54. Garbage bin in the car

  55. Small metal trifles are conveniently stored with a magnet.
  56. Tweezers and cosmetics

  57. Lids from pots also love order! Here's how they can be decomposed:
  58. Lids from pots

  59. The adjustable cornices will keep all things on the shelves intact.
  60. kitchenware

  61. The old shutters are an exquisite decorative element.
  62. Shutters for windows

  63. On the shelves you can put even a washing machine! And use the vacated space for baskets with linens.
  64. Shelf under the washing machine

  65. Hair gum will no longer be lost hopelessly. Put them on the bottle, and they will always know their place.
  66. Hair elastic

These recommendations will improve your life. You yourself can make your home more comfortable, comfortable and beautiful. Everywhere there will be a perfect order! Do not forget to tell your friends about these valuable tips.