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Tips for the mistress

"so simple!" Decided to please you with very rare advice. For sure, you know some of them, but many will become a real discovery and help you decide everyday problems Of a different nature. Read and marvel at how inventive housewives are. They came up with such interesting things!

9 tips that will be useful to every hostess

  1. vodka
    Mix a couple of tablespoons of any vodka with a coupleDrops of liquid for washing dishes. Then add this mixture to 350-400 ml of water. Will be an excellent tool against insects, it can be sprayed, and also poured into the aroma lamp.
  2. Filament for cleaning teeth
    This is the strongest thread. It is great for sewing buttons, zippers, buttons.
  3. yogurt
    If you want to grow moss to decorate a country plot, mix a glass of water with a glass of live yogurt, add a handful of moss and fields to the right place. Moss will be just a feast for the eyes!
  4. ketchup
    Ketchup - an excellent tool for cleaning products from silver. Just put the decoration in a container with ketchup for a couple of minutes, then rub it with a toothbrush.
  5. hair spray
    If you cover the picture with a hair spray, it will have a beautiful appearance for a very long time, the colors will not fade. And drawing a pastel, if you splash on it with varnish, will become just magical.
  6. Freezer
    Put the usual paraffin candles in the freezer before lighting them. So they will burn much longer.
  7. olive oil
    Mix the butter with lemon juice (or wine vinegar) in a 1: 2 ratio. This wonderful mixture will give a shine to the surface of the furniture.
  8. bread
    A small slice of bread will easily remove fatty prints on the wall and wallpaper.
  9. Case (from glasses, lighters)
    A small cover from something to the edge of the towel with which you go to the beach. A convenient way to store keys and various small things during the rest.

As you see, you can find unexpectedly usefulThe use of things that are always at hand. Show creativity in everyday life - so work more interesting. Who knows, maybe you'll discover some unknown Tricks, With which life becomes easier.

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