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Crafts from autumn leaves

Autumn - expanse for creative people. Around so many Natural materials, From which you can create something incredibly original! No matter whether you are an adult or a schoolboy, such work is interesting to everyone.

Develop your imagination by working with the rich Autumn harvest. Here are some interesting solutions that you need ...

Season multicolored leaves open!

Cockerel from leaves

Autumn gives materials, and for you fantasy.

Animals from leaves

How do you multicolor butterflies?

Butterflies from leaves

Or a bird family on a walk.

Birds of the leaves

But a mouse, which is also not against airing in the autumn morning.

Mouse of leaves

You can also use colored paper ...

Animals from leaves

... and create beautiful pictures.

Hedgehog from leaves

Such exquisite animals will surprise anyone:

Animals from leaves

Animals from leaves

Animals from leaves

Create, enjoying the process! Work that is the embodiment of your Fantasies - this is already a part of you. Let your ideas never end!

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