/ How to get rid of bed mites

How to get rid of bed mites

If you are used to make a bed immediately afterAwakening, reconsider their views on order and purity. Thinking about a neat room, we forget about its main inhabitants! The scientists calculated that in one normal bed, where bed linen is changed once a week and visually clean enough, about 150 million Bed ticks...

Bedding, or dust, mites feed onParticles of the dead skin of a man, and a little wet bedding is their favorite place of residence. Just one simple action will help you destroy an invisible threat to health!

How to get rid of bed ticks

These microorganisms are not dangerous in themselves, they are dangerousProducts of their life. Isolation of mites often cause allergies of different nature. Skin rashes and attacks of asthmatic cough - unpleasant phenomena that provoke a dust mite.

Some people are particularly unlucky - varieties of small arachnids can settle even in the skin of a person, causing Demodicosis, A very difficult disease to treat. The skin of a person infected with demodicosis, blushes, flakes, acne eruptions, inflammations in the eyelids.

Inhaling the release of dust mites, we undermine our health. Well, that there is a ridiculously simple method of dealing with these small pests: you just need to ventilate the bed after sleeping!

Ideally, you can leave the bed uninhabited until the evening, giving the opportunity House ticks Die under the rays of sunlight, andBed linen - it is good to dry out. During night sleep, the human body emphasizes the sweat that remains on pillowcases and sheets, a real paradise for a variety of microorganisms.

So do not rush to make a bed immediately! If the habits do not allow you to leave the bed unassembled until the evening, let the bedroom place be ventilated for at least an hour, until you have breakfast and are going to leave the house.

After the death of bed mites in the room the air will immediately become cleaner, as if by magic!

Share this helpful information with your friends! This is not just an excuse for anyone who does not like to make a bed. This is important for everyone's health!