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The combination of dress and hairstyle

The main secret that you need to know to all women of fashion - Dress and hairstyle Must be sustained in one style. It seems to be quite understandable, but often there are women who completely ignore this moment.

And yet A well-chosen hairstyle Can even adjust the figure! If the thighs are slightly wide, choose a more magnificent hairdo, if the shoulders are sufficiently noticeable, it is better to make a high hairstyle or to remove the hair back.

"so simple!" Recommends that you familiarize yourself with these pictures,Vividly demonstrate the most correct, elegant combinations of dresses of different styles and hairstyles. Remember these harmonious examples, and you will always be on top!

How to choose a hairstyle for your dress

  1. Downward-flowing long hair is better combined with Dress without a cut.
  2. Hairstyles and dresses

  3. Geometric notch Very well emphasize the assymeric hairstyle and the hair pulled into the knot.
  4. Hairstyles and dresses

  5. Lush curls are perfect for Shallow notch.
  6. Hairstyles and dresses

  7. Playful Flared dress Well in harmony with the hair combed upstairs and high-lifted tail.
  8. Hairstyles and dresses

  9. Dresses in retro style Perfectly combined with curled locks.
  10. Hairstyles and dresses

  11. if Modest dress, You can complete the image of a low-key hairdo with a different version of braid weaving.
  12. Hairstyles and dresses

  13. Gorgeous dress from light fabrics Successfully complement the bright barrette in the hair, it is also appropriate to loose, slightly curled hair.
  14. Hairstyles and dresses

  15. Original dress Looks good with an intricate hairdo, the image is very natural and unusual.
  16. Hairstyles and dresses

  17. Strict dress with neck Wonderfully tall hairstyle.
  18. Hairstyles and dresses

Now you will not have problems with choosing a hairstyle! Create your Ideal image, Guided by the best advice, and you will not lose.

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