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Logical advice for health

If every day you take care of your health, you will not have to go to doctors afterwards "so simple!" Tells you how to save your priceless health.

Every day a person influences his own state of health. These simple recommendations for a natural recovery of the body will help feel much better!

Health tips

  1. The value of coffee
    Do not believe those who talk about the terrible The dangers of caffeine. If you drink about three or four cups of coffee a day, the liver does not suffer at all, but the circulatory system will become stronger.

    The smell of coffee sets the tone for the whole day and increases the mood, this drink has a very beneficial effect on metabolism. So pamper yourself with coffee and remember that it is useful!

  2. coffee

  3. Proteins for breakfast
    Eat squirrels for breakfast, and you'll be in good shape! In addition, the proteins will fill you with energy and saturate for the whole day ahead. You will not want harmful food so much if you are going to eat protein-rich foods for breakfast. Sources of protein: eggs, yogurt, milk, cheese, oat flakes, legumes.
  4. Sources of protein

  5. Do not forget about potassium
    In your diet must necessarily be foods rich in potassium. This element is extremely important for your heart!

    Sources of potassium: Cocoa, dried apricots, fish, prunes, spinach, yogurt and potatoes in uniform. From how harmonious is the potassium-sodium balance in your body, many physiological processes depend.

  6. dried fruits

  7. Movement is life
    Even if you are doing sports and at the same timeMost of the day you sit, your exercises lose all their effectiveness. Get up periodically, move, walk around the room, when talking on the phone, be multi-tasked. According to epidemiologists, regularly jumping to your feet, you are protecting yourself from cancer.
  8. exercises

  9. Beware of the sun's rays
    Ultraviolet rays are very dangerous during the day, so do not light up for long and only in the mornings. This is especially important for those who have moles or skin prone to pigmentation. skin cancer - this is not a joke.
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  11. Go to bed early
    Not always so it turns out, of course, but ideallyYou need to go to bed and wake up at the same time. Then the body will work like a clock in the literal sense. And you will not need to exhaust yourself with diets - no overnight overeating, nothing superfluous. Who early go to bed and breakfast early, he always looks good.
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  13. Sleep in the cool
    The temperature in the bedroom should not exceed 18Degrees. So you'll never suffer from insomnia, your head will hurt less, this advice is also useful for skin diseases. Ventilate the room before falling asleep.
  14. bedroom

  15. Go on foot
    The more active your way of life, the slower you areYou're getting old. This is due to the peculiarities of the structure of the human body. The hippocampus is part of the limbic system of the brain that participates in the memory work. Every year it decreases in volume by 1-2 percent, because of which the risk of developing dementia increases with age.

    If you want to live to the advanced years and stay in your right mind - regularly load yourself with activities in which the heart muscle is actively contracting. Walking is also suitable.

  16. walking

  17. Do yoga
    Why did yoga become so popular? Because it is only necessary to begin, as you will no longer imagine your life without it. Yoga miraculously strengthens the whole body. You will never have a backache, and you will look at the world in a different way - through the eyes of a person who owns his body. But it's so cool!
  18. yoga

  19. Motivate yourself
    Try to make every effort to achieve your goal. Best motivation - the realization that at any moment you can die. Live here and now, this is the best outlook, because it has the most favorable effect on the nervous system.
  20. Climber

  21. Appreciate what you have
    If you suddenly upset some situation, just imagine that everything could be much worse ... this is another tip for those who want to always save emotional balance.
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  23. Rest
    Always allow yourself to relax and rest. It is better, of course, to choose a healthy rest in the fresh air. This is very useful for your whole body.
  24. Rest on the beach

  25. Add spices
    Spices, especially hot peppers, accelerate the metabolism. This is useful not only for those who want to lose weight. Spices - a pledge of well-being.
  26. spice

  27. Enjoy sharing with your loved ones
    This is a very important point that manySeem strange. Surely you already spend enough time with your child. Experts believe that the questions of communication should be looked at from a different angle. With whom should you communicate more? Yes, the answer is unexpected - with a life companion and other adults.

    That the marriage was viable, you need to constantlyIt is fueled by new events, impressions, memories. So sometimes it's worth noting the evening with the family and instead go on a date with your second half, inviting another couple to the meeting.

  28. Communion

  29. Eat dark chocolate
    In the tile of dark chocolate is contained exactlySo much theobromine as is necessary to give the body a charge of vivacity, but not enough to suppress excitement came repression. Hence, this is the perfect drug for your Hormonal system.

    You can always in difficult times reinforce themselves and your body with a small piece of chocolate. Also it is useful for the heart.

  30. bitter chocolate

Try to protect your health from the youth. Living with such rules is not boring at all, they are simple and even fascinating. Make friends nice - share this article with them!