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Whether it is necessary to sleep with the child

Parents have long been divided into two camps - amateurs Sharing a dream with a child And ardent advocates of separate sleep. I am convinced that there should not be extremes in such an important issue. Read this article, a wise parent, maybe it will solve some moments that concern you.

Is it worth it for parents to sleep with children?

For a start, we will understand why the question of a child's dream- this is an important question. In order to assess the seriousness of this topic, it is enough to remember yourself small. How often were you afraid of something in your childhood? Did the unexpected night rustles frighten you? Did you think that in the corner of the dark room there was a small, but well-fed monster from the cartoon? Perhaps, children who would not be pursued Nightly fears, Simply does not exist.

This is explained by the fact that the informationOwns a kid about the outside world, not yet complete enough. He learns everything around, and at the age of seven, fantasy begins to play with new colors - to imagine that someone is present in the room, except for him, the child can easily. This is if we talk about an older baby.

Small children from birth to three years -A separate topic. To sleep with them in one bed means to take care of their proper development, both physical and mental. The baby does not have enough touches, which he feels during wakefulness. Its development is incredibly rapid, tactile sensations in a dream - this is a natural continuation of the day.

Sometimes babies can have apnea -A sudden stop of breathing, and if the mother at that moment touches the baby in the dream - he will start breathing again, remember that he lives, the respiratory centers will work. The syndrome of sudden death of infants is very rare in those kids who are used to sleeping not alone.

In addition, the psyche begins to form already from the first days of life of a small creature. Why some children More calm, while others often observeAn increased level of anxiety? Because some babies sometimes slept with their mother and felt in complete comfort, while others were isolated at night from all, their stressful experiences and shook the psyche, which did not have time to form properly.

The baby in the parent's bed is natural. But do not forget that to act on the situation is the most rational way of thinking. If you are sick, for example, it is obvious that the child should sleep separately. If the dad drank slightly before going to bed, he would sleep soundly - then, can pinch the child accidentally in a dream. Then the baby is safer after all in his crib.

Joint sleep with a child Does not mean that he must constantly visitIn the parent's bed. It just gives a guarantee that the baby can count on you and sleep with you exactly when he needs it most - when he is sick, when the mood is bad and he cries when he is afraid ... the parent heart must feel such things, and not blindly follow Dictated dogma.

The girl is sleeping

To what age can a child be allowedTo appear in one bed with parents? Again, there is no one right answer. If it is necessary for the child - it is necessary to listen to his needs. To drive a seven-year-old crumb at night back to his room, because "you're an adult" - this is blasphemy.

Allow the child to spend the night with you andFeel completely protected. And in the afternoon talk to him on the topic of nightly fears, find out what troubles him and frightens him, understand the child. A good thing - a night light, do not forget about it, in pitch darkness the world is much worse than with the soft light of a night light.

To be a father or a mom - work round the clock, thisIs best seen when there is no peace at night ... the child is a small man, do not forget about it. With him you can always agree, influence him as you are most comfortable.

If you have a good connection with the child, he will be able toUnderstand that waking you up in the middle of the night is only necessary in the most extreme case. That a common dream in one bed is possible, but not always, you do not need to abuse it. And that some nightly fears he is able to win on his own.

Let the upbringing of children bring youPleasure, because it's so nice to realize later that your efforts are rewarded. Here he is, the new man who was formed thanks to you, that means that life has already been lived in vain.

To sleep or not with the child - your personalChoice, approach reasonably to your decision and choose the most optimal option for the situation. If this article pushed you to useful reflections and interesting conclusions - share it with your relatives.