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Sites for teaching English

You're used to that Learn a foreign language - means to be bored, learn a lot by heart andTo overcome the yawn? Oh, how wrong you were all this time! English can be studied by getting involved in interesting work. These sites, filled with entertaining materials, will help you learn the language playfully. Crossword puzzles, riddles, humorous videos in English - all for a boring study. Enjoy the process!

Sites for easy learning English

  1. Bbc learning english
    Bbc learning english

    If you dream to study British English - To you here. Under the videos there is a text version of what is being talked about - you'll appreciate how important this is. Site with a huge amount of useful content - videos, audio, information from various spheres of life. There is a separate section devoted to pronunciation.
    ➜ www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish

  2. Livemocha

    Ready-made lessons and exercises for studyingA foreign language - not the main trump of this site. Livemocha is a social network for those who learn the language! And not only English. Here you can communicate with real aliens and find a partner who will help you learn the language. Practicing in active communication skills in the language you are learning is priceless!
    ➜ livemocha.com

  3. Busuu

    Most interesting Exercises on the study of language. You can check the correctness of the task you performed by a native speaker! And you, in turn, will be able to assess how good he is in Russian. It's really interesting!
    ➜ www.busuu.com/enc

  4. Lingualeo

    On this site there is an opportunity to have a magazineDevelopment, which will reflect your progress in your studies. Here is full of audio and video materials, texts, you have a chance to have your own vocabulary of associations for better memorization of words!
    ➜ lingualeo.com/en

  5. Duolingo

    Such a study of the language will please even children! Site allows you to write dictations. You can easily learn 2,000 new words after completing the course.
    ➜ www.duolingo.com

  6. Eslpod

    Podcasts of this site will help you not only to learn the language, but also to be a fully developed personality.
    ➜ www.eslpod.com

  7. English-polyglot

    Transfer Dmitri Petrov "polyglot" has become veryIs known. All thanks to an unusual approach to learning the language - starting with the basics, the teacher very carefully explains any points that can cause questions from a beginner to learn the language of a person. Here all the issues of the program are collected, look and learn!
    ➜ www.english-polyglot.com

  8. Twominute english
    Twominute english

    A video resource that offers a huge number of videos in English. If you are a fan of watching a video - this option is ideal for you!
    ➜ www.youtube.com/user/twominenglish

  9. Learn english british council
    Learn english british council

    This is a serious site that will prepare you even for such a difficult exam as ielts. Dare!
    ➜ learnenglish.britishcouncil.org

  10. Lang-8

    There is also a system for checking your tasks by native speakers. Lifhak for parents: the homework of your child can be checked by a foreigner!
    ➜ www.lang-8.com

  11. Engvid

    Video lessons from native speakers, separated byEasy-to-use categories. These lessons are divided not only by subject matter, but also according to the level of the user. A list of lessons for beginners, for middle-educated people and for connoisseurs is offered.
    ➜ www.engvid.com/english-lessons

  12. Exam english
    Exam english

    You can take the test right now and find out,What is your level of knowledge at the moment. In addition, with the help of this site you can prepare for a wide variety of exams - ielts, toefl, toeic and others.
    ➜ www.examenglish.com

  13. Loyalbooks

    Free Audiobooks in English!! A real treasure trove.
    ➜ www.loyalbooks.com

  14. Learn american english online
    Learn american english online

    This page is for those who thoroughly decided to approach the issue of studying American English. Each lesson is divided into 7 parts in order to organize knowledge.
    ➜ www.learnamericanenglishonline.com

A short excursion to these wonderful educational sites is completed. Let this information help you in learning English and open up a lot of alternative ways of learning.

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