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Neutralizer odors with their own hands

Neutralizers of smells of all known brandsAre very useful, if you want to make the room smell fresh. Just a couple of sprays - and thanks to the new fragrance you enjoy a special Comfort.

With the tool presented below, you will feelSame effect. Only the difference is that you do not have to buy something extra. Most components for this wonderful recipe are in every home. Fast, reliable and almost free!

Air freshener

You will need

  • Some conditioner for linen
  • baking soda
  • Empty bottle of aerosol dispenser


  1. Pour 3 tablespoons of conditioner into the empty bottle of spray.
    Conditioner for clothes

    Aerosol dispenser bottle

  2. Pour 600 ml of warm water there, a little more. It all depends on the volume of the vial.
    Tap water
  3. At the end add one tablespoon of baking powder to the dough into the vial. The product is ready!
    Spoon of soda
  4. Now you can spray your own cooked odor neutralizer as much as you like.
    Sprayer on the table

This is a sensation! You can get a completely new remedy from the substances that are already in your house. So you do not need to buy anything new, just use everything that is at hand.

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