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Exercises for the brain

Develop creative abilities? It can be any. There are many special Exercises to increase creativity. Except that they really teach you to think creatively, to engage in such training - it's very interesting. This can and do together!

How to develop the brain with the help of exercises

  1. Development of associative thinking
    Take a smart dictionary and at random choose twoRandom concepts. Just point your finger at any page. Compare them, try to find something in common between them. Think of a story in which these two concepts are connected in an amazing way.
  2. Battle common sense!
    Take a clean sheet of paper and a felt-tip pen. It's very good if you do not know how to draw, because beauty and result are absolutely irrelevant here. The main thing is the process. Draw a creature that will combine in itself as many signs of animals known to you - horns, hooves, tails, claws, and so on. Exercise for those who are used to thinking very logically. Sometimes logic should be able to be set aside.
  3. brain

  4. Mad architect
    From animals we pass to architecture, giveDraw a house. Write on the sheet any 10 words. This will be the requirements for the house that you have to draw. For example, the sea - and the house will be the color of the sea wave. When you draw, imagine this house is quite real.
  5. 10 + 10
    Choose any word, it must benoun. Now write 5 adjectives, which, in your opinion, are the most suitable for him. For example, "socks" - black, warm, woolen, winter, clean. Now write five adjectives that do not fit at all! This is entertainment.
  6. name
    Train to invent capacious and accurate namesFor things you like. When you practice in inventing names - the brain works best. The main thing is that these counsels give you positive emotions.

Let your creativity Never runs out! Train your brain, imagination, memory, and you will not be equal among the fans to invent something fantastic.

Tell your friends about these original exercises for brain development! They definitely need to find out.