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How to add small things

Little things in your house can create some Chaos. Because so often you need to use somethingSmall, I want it to always be at hand. But often after using these things you throw them anywhere, as a result - the room is gradually cluttered.

These ideas about the organization of pleasant and necessary trifles in the house will help you always maintain order, especially without bothering. If you approach the issue creatively, you can find extremely wise decisions.

Order in small things

  1. The magnetic holder for clips is suitable for storing metal pins, hairpins.
  2. With the help of a carabiner, hair elastic can be assembled in one place! This is both convenient and beautiful.
    Hair elastic
  3. Decorations will find themselves a great place in plastic forms for ice. All in plain sight!
    Box for ornaments
  4. Plastic boxes from tablets are convenient if you need to fold small earrings to take them on a trip.
  5. To hang necklaces and chains with pendants on such a convenient board is not only to order them, but also to make the room more beautiful!
    Necklaces, chains
  6. Such a cover from shoes or other things will come in handy for storing lacquers.
    nail polish
  7. The toothbrush holder will also be used for brushes. Remember that makeup brushes should always be clean.
    makeup brushes
  8. The basis of paper rolls is easy to adjust for storing underwear or socks.
    Storage of underwear
  9. Scarves on the curtain rod for curtains - great idea.
  10. You can separate the accessories for cleaning teeth in this way. Nothing gets mixed up!
  11. The plastic stand is suitable for boxes with spaghetti.
    Stand for boxes
  12. To store any boxes in the kitchen is very convenient in plastic containers of this kind.
    Container for boxes
  13. You can store cups with yoghurt in the refrigerator in the egg holder.
    Cups with yogurt
  14. these Baking molds It is very easy to store compactly.
    Baking molds
  15. Cereals and other friable substances are best kept in jars. what a beauty!
    Cereals in cans
  16. A box with many offices is indispensable in the kitchen.
    Box with compartments
  17. Plastic covers are best spread out in size in such an iron stand.
    Plastic covers
  18. Original box for tea bags.
    Tea bags
  19. You can put toys and bathing things in such a hanging fruit basket.
  20. A soft chair will be obtained if you collect all the soft toys in a colored pillowcase. Order, and the baby will sit on it with pleasure.
    Soft chair
  21. Such plastic containers - a very suitable place for storing pencils and markers.
  22. How many small things can be placed this way! brilliant idea.
    Stand for office supplies
  23. On the boxes for toys, you can paste the appropriate pictures - so it's easier to find the desired value for children.
    Toy boxes
  24. Stand for Lego With your own hands! To store all these tiny details is now much easier.
  25. Keep the details of the games in bags attached to the other side of the board. No one will be sad about the losses!
    Board games

    Board games

  26. Wrap threads and laces of different colors on clothespins - this is surely useful to you.
  27. Wonderful shelves for threads.
    Shelves for threads
  28. In this form for baking, you can put office trivia.
  29. Gluing the lid from small jars to the shelf in the garage and piling nails and other necessary small things for work there.
  30. You can arrange such a holder for all the coils in the house. Only suitable materials are needed.
    Holder for coils
  31. Store spices with stickers on the jars, so as not to get confused.
  32. The knitting needles are well stored in the organizer.
    Knitting needles
  33. Sequins for various needs can be poured into salt shaker and pepper shaker.

Let the order always reigns not only in your thoughts, but in the house! Little things will always be where you need, if you take advantage of some of these tips.

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