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When Phases Snaps Time To Sleep

It turns out that you can not sleep as long as we used to! Learn Manage your time, Taken away for a dream, and you will not regret it. Especially this article can appeal to all creative personalities and other lovers of "night vigils."

Of course, such methods should be used only inExtreme cases: for example, when you need to still have a lot of things to do, and time for sleep just does not remain. But also for the sake of interest you can experiment with the familiar Phases of sleep. Read and take note of how you can do it.

Sleeping girl

"Ubermen cycle"

This cycle consists of 6-20 minutes every 4Hours. That is, with this dream you will sleep 6 times a day. "Ubermen cycle" is considered to be very effective, because thanks to it people feel healthier and usually see very bright dreams. But you can not underestimate the shortcomings of this dream: if you miss at least one phase of sleep, you're threatened with hellish fatigue.

Ordinary cycle

Includes 1 falling asleep at night by 1.5-3Hour and then 3 times for 20 minutes during the day. Time after the main sleep must necessarily be divided so that respite necessarily at the same time intervals. To such a schedule it is easy to adapt, since it is considered an ordinary person's mode.

"Dimaxion cycle"

Includes a four-hour sleep of 30 minutes throughEvery 6 hours. People who have tried this cycle of sleep, say that they never felt such a surge of energy in their lives after awakening. Although it is very extreme, but it is considered one of the most effective sleep cycles.

Biphase cycle or siesta

This is 5 hours of night sleep and then 1 falling asleep in the middle of the day for 1.5 hours. In order to move to a new sleep schedule, only two weeks are enough. Soon you will forget about the lack of time.

The main thing is to intelligently combine everything to make the newA schedule for going to bed, family and work were not affected. Good luck to you in bold experiments and magic dreams! If you liked this post, immediately report it to your friends!