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Answers to the question "How are you?"

"How are you?" Is the most frequently asked question in the network. Several times a day we hear exactly how someone is interested in how we are doing. All already bored with answers like "normal" and "good."

so "so simple!" Offers you the 50 most Original answers To this ordinary question. The surprise of your friends and acquaintances!

Original answers to "how are you?"

angry cat

  1. Oh, what are we doing? We have business, and the case is with the prosecutor.
  2. So long as I live and do not intend to die.
  3. Pension is good, increased.
  4. Salary is good. Small, but good.
  5. All a bunch.
  6. As in the movie "Brother 2".
  7. excellent! Which is what I wish for you.
  8. and you?
  9. All is well, but it will be even better!
  10. the best. It's good that no one is jealous.
  11. Excellent, do not wait.
  12. Well - do not believe, bad - do not help.
  13. Kiss me first!
  14. Yesterday broke two ribs ...
  15. it's like a fairytale.
  16. As always, that is good.
  17. From the point of view of banal erudition, I ignoreThe criteria of utopian subjectivism, conceptually interpreting the conventional defanizing polarizers, therefore the consensus reached by the dialectical material classification of general motivations in the paradigmatic relations of predicates solves the problem of improving the forming geotransplantation quasi-puzzles of all kinetically correlated aspects, and so it is normal.
  18. Choral.
  19. regularly!
  20. What, in fact, the case?
  21. As you see, is still alive.
  22. Did not die and did not marry.
  23. But how, in fact, is it?
  24. But are they doing this?
  25. There are no cases.
  26. What are you doing? I'm not at work today!
  27. Ah, I'm poor-unhappy so tired, every day I have to come up with an answer to the question "how are you?".
  28. The old lady agate of Christie once said a wonderful phrase: "It's not necessary to say something if you have nothing to say."
  29. There are two ways to put a person at a dead end: ask him "how are you?" And ask to tell something.
  30. Difficult to answer.
  31. Is ambivalent.
  32. Sluggish.
  33. Business goes, the office writes.
  34. But you do not hurry?
  35. Do you want to talk about this?
  36. Like a parrot, which cat pulls his paw on the floor, and he joyfully screams "let's go!".
  37. Like a zebra.
  38. As in a taxi. The further, the more expensive.
  39. Like a kolobok - the left and right are the same.
  40. Like a sausage in the dough, fun and angry.
  41. Better than yesterday, but worse than tomorrow ...
  42. What affairs with such affairs!
  43. Business ??? There are no them, not business I ...
  44. You all at once or in parts?
  45. So much is not done, so much is not done! But how many more do not have to be done!
  46. In Angola, children are starving, and so everything is in order.
  47. All in chocolate, even a keyboard!
  48. You are incomparably original in your questions
  49. Yes, good. Yesterday the Nobel Prize was awarded for contribution to the development of ecostructural units in the field of cetacean ciliates slippers and slippers, and for the discovery of nano-technologies that will help penguins overcome the glacial period in African burs and Hawaiian deserts in the state of Massachusetts, Washington district.
  50. Concerning. If we compare it with the lenin, then it is good.

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