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How to quickly peel boiled potatoes

Nobody likes to peel freshly cooked potatoes. Firstly, it takes a lot of time, and secondly - you can easily burn yourself fingers. But there is one way that will help you Peel potatoes From the skin in a matter of seconds, and your fingers will be whole!

Having tried this ingenious method, you will always use it! boiled potatoes - an indispensable ingredient in many dishes and salads, because our trick you exactly come in handy.

How to peel boiled potatoes

  1. Before cooking potatoes, cut along the "equator" line. The main thing is that the cuticle be cut completely, from the beginning to the end.
  2. How to peel boiled potatoes

  3. Then start to cook the potatoes. A minute before the potatoes are cooked, prepare a deep plate filled with water and ice.

    Without removing the pan from the potatoes from the stove, get out of it one potato and dip it into ice water. Wait 10 seconds.

  4. How to peel boiled potatoes

  5. Now you can safely get chilledpotatoes! Take it by the edges, so that the line of the cut is in the middle, click on them. Peel from potatoes peel off without much effort, and the most pleasant is that you do not burn yourself fingers with hot potatoes.
  6. How to peel boiled potatoes

This unusual and quick enough way Peel potatoes It is useful in the household to everyone. When the New Year holidays come and it's time to cook Olivier, remember this useful advice. This wonderful way to fight the potato peel will make it much easier to prepare an indispensable meal in the new year!

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