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How to make wishes

If you want your wishes fulfilled,You need to learn how to properly order them. You do not have to believe, but if you really really want something, the whole universe will help you in the realization of your desire. "so simple!" Prepared for you the detailed Instruction on making wishes.

Believe, in this world everything is possible! Even the wildest dreams come true, if you dream correctly.

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Instructions for fulfilling desires

  1. Choose the most cherished desire
    Usually, making a wish, we try to "grabMore ». For example, you can wish yourself a million dollars, for which you will buy an apartment, a car, etc., but the desire must be one. And to be fulfilled, it should not have several layers. why?

    Imagine that your child is coming to you andAsks a hundred rubles. He wants to build a bird feeder. He estimated that this amount should be enough for the board, hammer and nails. But you understand very well that you can find all these materials in your home. The child, not having received a hundred rubles, made a feeder, and you received satisfaction from saving money.

    So it is with the universe. She will seek the simplest and most rational solution to your question. So your multi-component desires need to be disassembled into simple elementary components.

  2. Your desire should not be a prerequisite for the fulfillment of other desires
    You need to ask yourself the question: "Why should I fulfill this desire?" For example: why do I need a million dollars? Answer: buy an apartment, car, etc., then ask the question for each next desire. The question is: why do I need an apartment? Answer: to get rid of the guardianship of parents. The question is: why should I get rid of tutelage? The answer is: I ... as soon as you can describe your desire by feeling, it can be considered just that desire that you need to think about.
  3. Desire should only evoke feelings
    Back to the money. When you get the money, you can buy an apartment and a car. The fact of receiving from you will not cause any emotion, except the feeling that with this money you need to do something else. It means that you have chosen the wrong desire.

    If you want a lot of money toEnjoy them - order money. If you need an apartment to live there, make an apartment. If you need to get rid of the parents' care, then you need to order this, because even if this apartment is in Africa, this does not mean that the parents will no longer take care of you. If you want to meet a prince on a white horse to marry him, then you should not wish to meet, but marriage with the prince.

  4. Desire should not harm anyone
    The universe is always looking for the most rational way. It is quite possible that if you want an apartment, you will receive it as a legacy from a deceased relative. Completely avoid the negative consequences of your desire is impossible. I'm talking a little about something else. You should not wish harm to someone, even if it's hard for you. Desires have the property of returning, so watch out for the "boomerang" you are asking for from the universe.
  5. Your desire should only concern you
    You must always wish for yourself, not someone close to you. A desire that reads like this: "I want my child ..." does not work. There is an exit. You can slightly rephrase it to translate the arrows to yourself: "I want to be proud of my child, who studies for one of the five." When you put your feelings first, the desire will come true.
  6. Wish it is necessary to the maximum
    Always wish as much as possible. All the same not all will come true. But the more you want, the more you get. If you want an apartment, desire apartments in the most prestigious area of ​​the city. If you're dreaming of a car, want the car of the best brand. The universe is boundless, so, and your desires should not have any barriers.

Additional tips

  1. Desire should not have a time limit. The universe does not give a damn, when exactly you want to get your apartment, it will do it at the most suitable moment for that.
  2. Do not give up the chance! Be always ready for change, because it can be the way to fulfill your desire. The universe always knows how best, do not bother her.
  3. Start with small. Try to start with small desires. Because the bigger the dream, the more difficult it is to fulfill and the less faith you have in your own strength. Fulfilling small desires, you will believe in yourself.
  4. You are responsible for your desires. Therefore, ordering something, try to avoid any negative feelings and actions towards other people.
  5. Do not tell everyone about your desires. The less people know about your dreams, the less they can influence their fulfillment.
  6. Writing desires. Understanding its true desire, it is better to record it and periodically review the records.

now you know, How to make wishesSo that they will certainly come true. Your business is to come up with what you want, and the universe will take care of the fulfillment of the plan. Let your dreams come true!