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Secrets of lucky photos

After a trip to the sea, you risk bringing not only a tan and good memories, but also spoiled photos from the beach. Having chosen an unsuccessful pose, you can spoil very much good photo And underestimate their self-esteem.

Photogenic people do not exist, there are people who choose well Positions for photos. Below shows how one and the same woman, simply changing her position, turns into a model.

How to be photographed correctly

  1. So usually photographed near anyattractions. Such portraits are best shot from the top down, otherwise all the flaws in the figure will be visible. Do not slouch, lift your chin, smile, and you will excel at the photo.
  2. Poses for photos

  3. Stand a little on your toes and keep your feet together, then your legs will look longer, and the priest will be pulled up.
  4. Poses for photos

  5. Try to draw in your stomach, never hold your hands along the body. Legs will look more elegant if you cross them.
  6. Poses for photos

  7. Taking pictures on the deckchair, do not lie down completely. Focus on one hand, and the second cover your stomach. It is better to keep your knees together.
  8. Poses for photos

    Poses for photos

  9. Being photographed in profile, never slouch. You can cover the problem part of the body with your hand and move the center of gravity to the far from the camera leg. Pull your stomach and smile!
  10. Poses for photos

  11. It's enough not to slouch and elegantly cross your legs.
  12. Poses for photos

  13. For a close-up portrait, it's enough to become half a turn, raise your chin and turn your face towards the camera.
  14. Poses for photos

Taking these secrets into service, you can get good in all the photos, not only brought from the sea. These tips will help you look good, even if the camera catches you unawares.

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