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The properties of the tea mushroom

About 2 years ago I saw a jar of tea with a mushroomHis friend in the kitchen. He gave me a cool, tart drink. A distant memory from childhood, a taste that you will not confuse with anything! Was surprised, of course, that he was the lucky owner of such a miracle, but was distracted by an interesting conversation, forgot to ask about infusion ...

Most recently came across fascinating studies and regretted that she did not ask a friend for a piece of a mushroom. Having learned, Than the tea mushroom is useful, It would be desirable to be engaged in its cultivation, having postponed all other terrestrial affairs.

"Japanese womb", "Manchurian mushroom", Japanese mushroom, jellyfish, Medusomycete - as it is not called. In Japan, medical science has long recognized that the tea fungus positively affects women's physiology, even helps to become pregnant, so Japanese women respect this tart infusion.

Useful properties of a tea mushroom

Properties of the tea mushroom

The tea mushroom is rich Acetic and lactic acid, As well as yeast cultures. Special enzymes contained in the fungus, create a fertile environment in the body! Because all suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract need a healing infusion, like living water.

The effect of using infusion during the recovery period is especially noticeable After taking antibiotics. Atibiotics kill in the intestines all useful microflora, and thanks to a miracle drink it is recovered very quickly!

Reception of tea mushroom infusion duringDiseases of the liver and pancreas. It is incredibly useful to drink it with metabolic disorders, obesity, hormonal imbalance! The tea mushroom will help to lose weight, because the normalization of the stomach works plays a huge role in the process of losing weight. Also the infusion helps to calm the nervous system and cope with constant headaches.

Tea mushroom pictures

Here is a detailed instruction that will help grow Mushroom from scratch in the home. It's time to do everything to improve health!

You will need

  • Clean liter pot
  • 5 tbsp. L. Black leaf tea without additives
  • 0, 5 liters of boiling water
  • 7 tbsp. L. Sahara
  • gauze


  1. Brew tea brew in a brewer, as usual, let it brew. Add sugar.
  2. Wash a liter jar of soda to kill all harmful microorganisms. Fill the jar with half-strained tea brew through gauze.
  3. Tie a jar of gauze and put it in a dark place. In a few weeks, the tea leaves will begin to emit a characteristic vinegar flavor, and after a month and a half a thin mushroom will grow on the surface of the tea! It must be carefully removed and placed in a three-liter jar filled with loose tea.
    How to grow a tea mushroom

It turns out, infusion of tea mushroom is recommendedRinse hair for special softness and firmness, wipe their face as a tonic and even treat wounds that do not heal for a long time! Check out this educational video. I'm sure you'll discover something for yourself.

Regular use of tea mushroom infusion - half a glass 3-4 times a day - will helpTo cope with hypertension and reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. It is recommended to drink infusion overnight to people suffering from atherosclerosis. Before dinner, drinking a glass of infusion is recommended for those who suffer from anemia.

The benefits of a tea mushroom

A tea mushroom - a living medicine! If you like his taste, I can advise still sea rice, a drink from which also resembles kvass. Miraculously cleanses the body of toxins and updates it!

There are also contraindications to the reception of the healingInfusion: it is diabetes mellitus, gastritis, low blood pressure, and systemic fungal diseases. In other cases, definitely drink! I wish you and your family good health.