/ How to decorate a floor

How to decorate a floor

We all, as a rule, have too much little stuff inPockets, purses and piggy banks. Some of us leave it at the box office in supermarkets, but does it really make sense to calculate this way, because such savings are unlikely to lead you to prosperity and wealth.

So some people had an idea to decorate their living space with small change. Resourceful craftsmen have invented a way through which you can very much Beautifully decorate the floor Its housing with copper coins. It's pretty easy to do. See for yourself!

How to beautifully decorate the floor with coins

First of all, you need to collect a sufficient number of identical coins. So that Finish the floor A small room, you need a large bucket full of coins. Then it is necessary to apply an adhesive backing on the surface. A gun with a colorless silicone adhesive is the best option of all.

Floor of coins

The beginning, as always, is the decisive part of the process: the first row must necessarily be good, so that all other rows then smoothly and evenly lie on the surface.

Floor of coins

You may also like to use different denominations and thus make a pattern. Below are examples of different ornaments.

Floor of coins

This small project is a great opportunity to bring the children to work. Everything will be done deftly, and the result will not be long in coming.

Father and daughter on the floor of coins

In no time the floor of the first room will be completed. Almost as fast as baking bread!

Floor of coins

Here are some more inspirational Ideas for finishing the floor with coins, For example, in the bathroom.

Floor in bathroom from coins

Or kitchen floor.

Floor made of coins in the kitchen

Or even in the hallway, combining with the appropriate carpet or walkway.

Floor of coins in the hallway

Another bathroom. Here is a pretty successful honeycomb design.

Floor of coins

In the chronological order of the installation of finishing. Well thought out, buddy!

Floor of coins

A kind of kitchen floor that has just finished decorating. What a game of flowers!

Floor of coins

To give a shine to the floor, at the end of the work, cover it with a good layer of transparent agent, which is used for polishing coins.

Floor of coins

Just do not be afraid: if used correctly, these floors will last for a long time, because they are strong enough and can withstand heavy loads.

Floor of coins

And again a detailed survey. I like this amber shine. Every coin has its own story. great idea!

Floor of coins

I immediately liked the photos. As soon as the money-boxes of my children are well filled, it will be possible to start the project implementation. Redaction "so simple!" Wish you luck in the embodiment of this beautiful idea!

Please tell everyone about this method. Let this unique idea for floor decoration inspire everyone who wants to make their homes even more beautiful.