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Habits of unhealthy psyche

Cause a bad mood and Depression There are many factors. Death of a loved one, problems with finances, failures in personal life ... it is very difficult to change these things, and sometimes, as in the case of the death of someone very expensive, it is impossible. But you can try to adjust every day to a positive mood.

No matter how hard, if you follow the small details of your behavior, every day will be better than the previous one. Think about what you can change and drive depression away!

How to overcome depression

  1. Stop walking with your head down
    Observational scientists have found out that people whoAccustomed to walking, lowering their shoulders and head down, terribly slouching and shuffling their feet - are more unhappy than lovers of a vigorous gait. Even when a load of troubles and failures crushes you to the ground, walk with your head held high. After a couple of days for your gait, and you'll see that everything is not as bad as you thought before.
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  3. Instagram is just a means
    Unrestrained photography of the world around is very negative for Mental health Rights. This is because the unlucky photographer stops concentrating on real things and enjoying them. In return tangible happiness comes only the desire to quickly make a frame and place it on the network. Understand that reality is more important than virtual space. everything should be in moderation. Learn to relaxedly watch what is happening without unhealthy impulses immediately fix the moment.
  4. Enough to be a victim!
    Hooligans, unfortunately, will haunt youall life. The world is full of ill-bred and embittered people. What can you do in this situation? Change their attitude towards the rude. If someone insults you or humiliates you at work, it makes sense not to be silent about it. In the case of random offenders - just skip past the ears of the words that you are so hurt.
  5. Move on
    Physical activity reduces the risk of developingDepression. This is due to the fact that hormones of happiness - endorphins - are released during physical exertion. The more you move, the more your state is more harmonious, the nervous system works steadily. Just get up and dance, walk down the steps, run. This will help you not only to maintain a good form, but also to be a happy person.
  6. Do not postpone for later
    Procrastination is a strange word that nowBecame very popular. It means a person's desire to delay the solution of the problems that concern him and the permanent postponement of important cases. Of course, do not want to do things that seem boring or cause your inner anxiety. But when such cases accumulate, they cause terrible stress. Instead of thinking about the upcoming accomplishments, just take it and do it. You will become much less anxious person. And the lightness that was previously inaccessible to you will now be with you. It's very cool to feel that all your planned affairs have been completed.
  7. Tear up unhealthy relationships
    Very often people fall into unhealthy, dependentRelationships that last for years. Think, does a person make you happy? Does he care about you? Does he love you or just let himself be loved? The relationships in which you are in an oppressed position can poison your whole life. Listen to your inner voice - if you feel that the person next to you is using you and adversely affects your self-esteem, it makes sense to review the need for such a relationship. Do not let others deprive you of the opportunity to be a happy person.
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  9. have some fun
    Humor is a salvation from small griefs. Stop taking life too seriously. Watch funny programs, laugh heartily with friends. Excellent jokers - children, without knowing it, they give out brilliant ridiculous cues. The more laughter in your life, the brighter it becomes. Over any problem you can always laugh, and it will back down.
  10. Sleep affects everything
    Sleep in plenty. If a person gets enough sleep, he has the strength to live fully. When you have insomnia for any reason - try to get rid of something that does not let you sleep peacefully. Drink sedative herbs. Remember that lack of sleep is one of the important causes of depression.
  11. Find time to be alone
    Daily routine, family, children, people whoConstantly something is needed from you ... this deprives you of the opportunity to be alone with yourself. Find time for yourself, be alone for at least half an hour a day. This is very important for a healthy psyche, because only then do you really calm down internally.
  12. Choose real communication
    Social networks have replaced us with the happiness of the realCommunication. Do not forget that it is very important for a person to speak, and not send a text message to a friend. The natural need for communication can be satisfied only during a real contact. Negotiate meetings with friends, hug, shake hands and stop focusing on the number of friends on social networks. It's not important at all, only real connections matter.
  13. Turn off mobile
    Modern gadgets do not leave us alone eitherDay or night. To balance the psyche, arrange moments of peace and quiet, turning off all the devices. You will see an instant result - the level of your anxiety will drop significantly.
  14. Focus on one thing
    Multitasking is not always good. Stop distracted by the endless reading of the tape, try to completely leave only one thing that you are busy with now. So you will achieve better results and inwardly you will be more calm.

If you take into account at least half of what is written in this article, your life will play with new colors. anxiety, anxiety, An excited state and even an asthenic syndrome is easily defeated, following such logical and rational instructions. Think about what you would like to change in your life, and do it right now.

Do not be upset! Let the depression forget the way to your house. Share this article with your friends and run immediately to walk.