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Unusual application of ordinary things

We used to buy a lot of new things forDifferent needs. Economic concerns require more and more spending, endless purchases and a heap of various items at home - a common thing. This is not a very economical approach to everyday affairs, and that's why: it turns out that those household things and the means that you already have are surprisingly multifunctional!

Every thing can serve to accomplish tasks you did not even know about before. "so simple!" Shares with you secret knowledge about the use of familiar things. Apply them in practice, and you will see how much more economical and interesting became the management of the household.

Unusual use of familiar things

  1. unused tea bag Perfectly eliminates all unpleasant odors. Put it in the refrigerator, put it in a box, jar, locker ... everything will smell sweet!
  2. You can remove stains on clothes using hydrogen peroxide. Of course, things should be light, because peroxide has the property of discoloration.
  3. Children's wet wipes With success replace cloths for wiping different gadgets.
  4. cinnamon - killer for ants. Sprinkle with cinnamon problem areas - crevices in the floor and other places where these insects are most disliked. They will disappear!
  5. Toothpaste To shine clean all metal objects. who would have thought?
  6. back side Banana peel Polish your cutlery. No longer need different expensive polishes!
  7. A wonderful antibacterial agent - honey. When there is nothing else at hand, you can use it.
  8. Mosquito bites well desiccates and heals aspirin. Crush the tablet and apply to the bite site. There will be no trace!
  9. When the toothpaste is over, you can clean the teeth Soda!! Besides, it whitens them well.
  10. So that the leather shoes look like new, put it on Hand cream.
  11. charcoal Freshens the air in the room. On a beautiful plateau, it will also serve as an element of decor.
  12. To wash the windows without divorce, you can use Paper coffee filters. "Mr. Muscle" is resting.
  13. Sharpening scissors is very easy! Take a piece Foil, Fold and cut it.

Yes, these recommendations can be useful to you in a variety of situations. Remember what you thought was very important - learning something new always means making life better.

Do not skimp on useful tips for your friends! Tell them about this article - let their household concerns also be simplified.