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How to become happy

Happiness is not a result, but a path to it. People feel happier when they strive for something, and when they reach it, they are disappointed. So be always on the move, set new goals and remember 10 tips that will help you to become happy!

How to become happy

  1. Practice a minimum of 7 minutes a day.
    This is quite a bit, but this mini-training will give you a charge of cheerfulness and good mood for the whole day. Sport is an excellent tool for Fight depression.

    A study was conducted in whichParticipation patients suffering from depression. They were divided into three groups and each of them was assigned different types of treatment. The first group received only medicines. 38% of them developed depression again. In 31% of patients who were treated and with medicines and physical exercises there was also a relapse.

    The most shocking result was shown by the thirdGroup, which was treated only by exercises. Only 9% of these patients again experienced a relapse. Physical load will help you to cheer up, relax, optimize brain work and Increase self-esteem.

  2. Get enough sleep.
    A healthy and lasting sleep not only helps your body to regain strength after a hard day, but is also a guarantee of well-being, and therefore of happiness.

    An experiment was conducted to study thisPhenomenon. Sleepless students needed to memorize words. They managed to memorize 81% of words with a negative value, for example, cancer and only 31% of words with a positive or neutral value, like sunlight or a basket.

    If you have slept well, you yourself will adjust yourself to a positive mood.

  3. Spend more time with your loved ones.

    Happiness for money you can not buy, so tryMore time to spend with their relatives and friends, so as not to regret it in the face of death. Time spent with loved ones, can lift your spirits and make you happier.

    Psychologist Daniel Gilbert explains this as follows: "We are happy when we have a family. Friends and close people also make us happy. As for the rest of things that, in our opinion, make us happier, in reality they only help us spend more time with those people who are dear to us. "

    Moreover, your relationships with people around you also affect the duration and quality of your life.

  4. Spend more time outdoors.

    To feel happier, you should spend about 20 minutes a day in the open air. This will also stimulate the activity of your brain Improve memory.


    American meteorologists say thatThe air temperature affects our mood much more than the wind speed or humidity. Scientists have established that people feel happiest at all at a temperature of 13.9 ° c.

  5. Help other people feel happier.

    It is estimated that it is necessary to spend about 100 hours a year (or 2 hours a week) to help other people. Help them to find happiness and you yourself will become much happier.

    Sean Archer states: "When researchers interviewed more than 150 peopleAbout their recent purchases, it turned out that the money they spent on activities such as attending concerts or lunch at a cafe brought them much more fun than material purchases such as shoes, expensive watches or TV. "

    Spending money on other people will bring you much more happiness than buying just for yourself.

  6. Smile is the easiest way to raise your spirits.

    Smile can also reduce pain and Enhance one's mental capacities. But it must be remembered that a false smile is not as effective as a sincere smile.


    Scientists at the University of Michigan found thatWorkers who are forced to wear false smiles, often spoils the mood and reduces the productivity of labor. And those who smile with all their heart, feel much happier and work better.

  7. Plan your trips.

    Even if you are not going anywhere, oneOnly the thought of a trip can lift your spirits. A study was recently published, according to which people feel happier during the planning of a trip than during the trip itself.


    Back to Shona Archer: "One study showed that the mere thought of the upcoming viewing of a favorite film raises the level of endorphin by 27%."

    Even if you know that you will not be able to escape somewhere, plan it. When you will think about it, you will have a better mood.

  8. Meditate.

    Meditation improves attention, relaxes you and cleanses your thoughts ...


    Sean Archer mentions it: "As studies have shown, immediately after meditation we feel calm and peaceful. Regular meditation sessions can reprogram your brain and make you happy. "

  9. Find a place to live near your place of work.

    The road to work can influence your mood. The longer this road, the worse it affects it. even big salary Can not compensate for the time spent on the road, so it is better to move or change the place of work.

  10. a bike

  11. Be grateful.

    This can be expressed in different ways. You can express gratitude to people for their help or simply make a list of things for which you are grateful.

    In a recent study this statementConfirmed. People who wrote letters of gratitude for several days were much happier than those who did not. They were depressed and dissatisfied with life.

After 40 years, people feel betterHappier, but it does not mean that you need to wait so long! Everything will change for the better, but you need to live right now. Try to listen to these tips, and you will see that every day you become happier.

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